Saturday, July 02, 2005

George W. Bush and the racist Mexican postage stamp

I question the timing of the Bush administration's concern about an obviously "racist" Mexican postage stamp(containing a dark-skinned grinning black with eyes and mouth wide open). This comes at a time when the president's initiatives are not resonating with the majority of the American people. As an African-American who has lived in Mexico I will not say that racism doesn't exist there, but I can say that I did not feel any overt racism while I was there, in fact I found the people on the whole to be very tolerant and friendly. Before the Bush administration points a finger elsewhere it should focus on the racism that takes place here in the US first. Can Bush explain to African-Americans his reluctance to castigate white hate groups in the US? Can Bush justify his opposition to set aside programs like affirmative action, when he was a beneficiary of a set aside legacy program at Yale? Can he explain his support for the recently passed bankruptcy law that adversely affects black Americans. Then of course there is the number one issue: When will the Bush administration admit that Bush operatives were responsible for disenfranchising black voters in Florida and Ohio the last two presidential elections.
Recently the Bush administration took an interest in the Emmet Till case; the murder of an eleven year old black child by Mississippi white men. This action, just like publicizing the racist Mexican stamp is designed to endear this administration to the black community. Bush has arrogantly said that he will change the leadership of this community. He feels he can do this because he changed the leadership of Iraq and Haiti. This lofty goal has NOT been successful since the overwhelming majority of blacks oppose the war in Iraq, feel insulted by statements that claim his new Social Security plan would benefit blacks because they usually die before age 65. Part of the get "new" black leaders campaign includes saturating the media with black conservatives. We see an increase of news commentators and Black Republican spokespersons like Tara Setmayer. ABC executives have been unsuccessful so far in their attempts to terminate "Like It Is", the popular TV magazine hosted by Gil Noble because of strong community pressure to let it continue. The program is a favorite of the New York area African-American. The show has been pre-empted and cut from an hour to a half hour. ABC picked up "America's Black Forum", which is dominated by black conservative
Republicans like Armstrong Williams, who was caught accepting $240,000 from Bush to promote the underfunded "No Child Left Behind" program, which continues to leave black children behind. Any concerns that Bush has for blacks are either low priority or no priority, which is why I question his motives when he continues to receive criticism and distrust from most blacks. This is the president who refused to meet with the NAACP. This is the president who toppled the popularly elected president of Haiti.....and then lied about it. This is the president who used Washington D.C funds for protection against terrorism for a lavish Republican victory celebration in that city. This is a president who has given millions to fight AIDS but only if the millions are also tied to US pharmaceutical companies. Is it any wonder that most blacks see any gift of Bush as a trojan horse?

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