Friday, July 29, 2005

The George Bush Legacy.....a middle finger for the press and an arrogant smirk.

Last night I saw President Bush's smile after learning that CAFTA had passed by just two votes, and online I saw a picture of the president lifting up his middle finger to the press. I see that his presidency has reached a new low. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Republicans were visibly upset at Hillary Clinton for comparing President Bush to Alfred E. Newman of MAD magazine fame. At the moment I saw that ridiculously arrogant smile I couldn't help but think of Alfred E. Newman and Bush looked as if he was about to say "What Me Worry?" just like Alfred would say. He has a lot to be happy about, after all he has accomplished things that no one thought could ever be done. This LIAR hoodwinked an entire nation into going to war with a country that presented no threat to the United States at all. P.T. Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. Bush just proved him right. The criminally uninformed US masses can be easily led by the likes of multimillionaire evangelists like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and of course Billy Graham, all avid supporters of this ethically challenged president. Members of their congregations marched in throngs to the polls to vote for Mr. Bush, who succeeded in making millions vote against their own self-interests......and they didn't have to wait in long lines for as many as eight hours like people in minority districts in Ohio. Yes, Mr. Bush must be proud of that accomplishment. Bush makes an obscene gesture and Vice President Cheney says "F__k you" to Senator Patrick Leahy and right-wing bible-toting lemmings are going to give us lectures on "morality"?
Another one of the Bush accomplishments is ignoring polls. He has said on various occasions
people have to answer to him he doesn't have to anyone. This is a statement from man who has a great amount of difficulty trying to remember his last mistake. He continues to rule with an iron fist even though his polls numbers are in the basement (41 percent of the people of the United States approve of the way he is running the country). Bush has a very supportive ally in the press, which continues to keep that smile on his face by not mentioning his obvious shortcomings. Clinton was impeached for "one" lie, a lie that caused no physical harm to anyone. George Bush has told several lies, one of them, the one about weapons of mass destruction was very deadly, almost 3,000 US troops killed and Bush knows that it will be almost impossible to impeach him because Republicans control all three branches of government. Yes these things made this arrogant liar very proud of himself and that is why we see that gleam of confidence in his eyes knowing that no Republican regardless of how forward thinking they are would dare cross the powerful King George except maybe, Scott Ritter, a Republican of conscience who was among the first to encourage all to let the United Nations complete their investigation to see if indeed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Mr. Ritter is also a high ranking marine who opposes our nation's reckless plunder of Iraq. Mr. Ritter says that our agents were responsible for three attacks in Iran, which just enforces the Project for a New American Century theory, The US must rule the world, endorsed by the extremists of the Bush Administration who know that most Americans don't know about this sinister plan of world domination, and even if the press would allow them to hear about it the majority just wouldn't believe it anyway. There are some agonizing questions with regard to 9/11 that Mr. Bush won't touch and the press as expected won't go near them either. These questions are 1) Why did the third World Trade Center Building Go Down? 2) Why did the twin towers destruct when steel buildings don't burn? 3) Why were certain people like former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told not to come to New York City on September 11, 2000.? Your typical Bush supporting right-winger will tell you "Oh, that's ridiculous, that's conspiracy theory?" Well if that is the case why isn't the president responding to these questions? Maybe it's because anyone who has the nerve to ask him just might lose his or her job. We know already that the neocon Project For A New American Century group said that they needed a Pearl Harbor, something that would immediately rally the country behind the president. Well it took a very long time, but with a negative job performance rating I think it is relatively safe to say that the country is NOT rallying behind this president. Bush did lose only two battles thusfar, one is affirmative action, but he is still upbeat on doing away with it because he feels this matter will come up again, maybe not in his administration but maybe in President McCain's or President Frist's...unless by some miracle will actually have something we haven't had in eight years.....a fair national election. Mr. Bush is so proud of the fact that he can count on many Democrats, especially the DLC crowd to do his bidding. Yes, the consecuences of not doing it can be serious. We can only speculate as to why John McCain said nothing when Bush operatives maligned his wife(claiming she had psychological problems) when McCain showed signs of actually challenging Bush in the Republican primary and we all see what happened to former Ambassador Wilson's wife when Wilson refused to play ball and say there was evidence of WMD transaction in Niger. George W. Bush is a proud man, proud of the fact that he has gotten away with so least to this point. Is it too late for the American People to wake up? Is a phanthom government already in place?, time will tell.

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