Thursday, July 28, 2005

Democrats Betrayed Again 217-215

CAFTA(Central American Free Trade Agreement) was headed for a certain defeat until Tom Delay pulled an illegal last minute manuver and as a result cajoling, threatening or whatever The Republicans once again were the victors. This means that jobs will be lost here in the U.S. This means that there will be lower standards for employers with regard to their employees. This means that foreign markets will be subjected to the mandates of IMF. The beneficiary here is big business, their primary interest is profits and cheap labor. The following congressmen and women are Democrats. CAFTA was passed by only two votes. If just any two the fifteen democrats had voted with the majority Democrats CAFTA would have been rejected. Twenty seven Republicans voted against CAFTA, so you can imagine how most Democrats and their constituents felt betrayed. This is something that has happened before. It has led to humiliating defeats on issues crucial to inner city residents: The bankruptcy bill, medicare and the estate tax bill. These and several other Bush endorsed legislation passed with the help of these turncoat Democrats. This time the 15 responsible (or should I say irresponsible) are Melissa Bean - IL; Jim Cooper - TN, Henry Cuellar - TX, Norm Dicks - WA, Ruben Hinojosa - TX, William Jefferson - LA, Jim Matheson - UT, Greg Meeks - NY, Dennis Moore - KS, Jim Moran - VA, Solomon Ortiz - TX, Ike Skelton - MO, Vic Snyder - AR, John Tanner - TN, Edolphus Towns - NY. Many of these legislators have been suspected of selling their votes to the highest corporate bidder, but at this time there is no definite proof. New York is a super blue state, yet Meeks and Towns both voted for CAFTA. Towns (who represents a minority district) is expected to run unopposed in his next election. The time has come for these turncoats to know that there is a price to pay for political betrayal. Progressive democrats will be carefully monitoring their voting records in the future and if they continue to do what they have done a serious effort will be made to remove them. If or like organization with enviable fund raising skills put their muscle into removing a dino(Democrat In Name Only) we will see positive change.

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