Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why Is Senator Durbin apologizing?

It amazes me how some Democrats are so polite and so tolerant of Republican verbal abuse and distortion of fact. Why does Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin feel the need to apologize for telling the truth. The detention facilities of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib ARE like gulags or
Nazi concentration camps. We know that because of the horror stories OUR soldiers have told
once they return to our shores. The US public did not find out about the horrors of Abu Ghraib due to the investigative zeal of the US media. We found out about it due to the photographs that were taken by OUR soldiers and sent to their friends and families. If it has four legs, a tail,
barks and looks like a dog ....then it's a dog. Why on earth should Sen. Durbin apologize for telling the truth? ..when there are Republicans who advocate killing federal judges. Yet there are no demands from Democrats to have these Republicans apologize.
The entire country is waiting for Vice President Richard Cheney to apologize to Senator Patrick Leahy for telling him "F--k You". I don't see anyone in the press talking about that. At no time did Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid or any other Democrat accused of offending Republican sensibilities ever resort to using profanity. We have a media in this country that serves as a rubber stamp for this administration. But fortunately there are some people in this country that don't believe everything they see in print and when they come across something they feel is suspicious they will let the newspaper and the reporter know about it. That is why the New York Times received so many letters about the reports on Iraq coming from Judith Miller, who now finds herself in trouble with the law. We have to acknowledge the existence of media favortism towards Republicans. Just look at how the media covered the Gary Condit and Joe Scarborough cases. Both men had young female employees mysteriously die while in their employ, but the Democrat Condit was front page news practically every day. This eventually led to his removal from office. The case of Republican Joe Scarborough was totally different. Even though the dead body was found in his office Scarborough was never even questioned by police. I have never seen anything in the press about Republicans who want to distance themselves from other Republicans who have made disparaging remarks about Democrats, so why do we continue to hear about apologetic Democrats who are "giving comfort" to Republicans? If anyone should be apologizing it should be the right wing faction of the Republican party. They should apologize to the American people for ruining our image in the world and they should also apologize for the lie that cost 1700 US servicemen and women.

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Robin said...

Very well said. Thank you!