Saturday, June 25, 2005

The War Within The War: Democrats vs. Republicans

"Progressive" Democrats and Republicans are becoming more confrontational. Sen. Kennedy of Massachusetts was very blunt when he chided Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by saying "In baseball it's three strikes and you're out....what is it with the defense secretary?" to which Rumsfeld responded "I have submitted my resignation three times but the President wouldn't accept it." Senator Kennedy appeared to be insensed with the defense secretary, who at times appeared to be at a loss for words. Tempers also flared when members of both parties met to decide the fate of troubled United Airlines. Sen. Putnam(R-Fla) presided over a voice vote to decide if a measure to bail out the troubled United Airlines be rejected. Putnam ,after hearing the "Yea" and "Nay" votes decided that there were more "Nay" votes but the event had media coverage which showed that there were obviously more "Yea" votes. This incident has enraged Democrats all over the country. Karl Rove made another one of his famous "Liberals Comfort The Enemy" speeches when referring to 9/11. Rove said Conservatives reacted by taking action while Liberals just encouraged the enemy. Senators Clinton and Shumer, representatives of the state where this incident that took more than 3,000 lives were so angry at Rove that they immediately demanded an apology. These are just a few of recent clashes between Democrats and Republicans, but the administration is also starting to feel the heat from Republicans too. Lindsay Graham(R-SC) who said that he represents a Pro-Bush, Pro-Military state said that his constituants are beginning to question the reasoning for this war. Because of the outrageous statements made by Republicans lately, like Rep. Hotstetler's "Democrats Hate Christians" many Democrats were perplexed by Senator Durbin's(D-Ill) apology for telling the truth about the Iraq war. There may have been limited reports about the Democrat blacklash that surrounded Durbin on mainstream media, but on the internet it was a totally different story with an endless stream of criticism for Durbin for making an unjustified apology when Democrats are not getting deserved apologies from Republicans. As a result I do believe that Democrats will be much more careful with their words in the coming weeks, especially when it comes to making apologies.

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