Sunday, June 05, 2005

Somerset Local News: C.T.'s Bar-B-Que Now A Restaurant

Somerset residents have asked "Whatever happened to the C.T's Bar-B-Que trailer that used to be on Route 27, across the street from the Suburban/Coach bus station?" Well the answer is that it has evolved into a restaurant that can be found at 920 Hamilton Street. This used to be "Mike's Subs". Besides the ribs specialty C.T. offers breakfast specials like platters (Two Eggs (any style or with cheese, bacon, ham, pork or sausage), beef or turkey sausage, french toast with syrup and butter or with bacon ham, pork roll or sausage. Breakfast also includes Omelettes (plain, cheese, country western, ham alone and ham and cheese). The price range for omelettes is $2.95 to 4.95. Pastries include muffins, toast and buttered rolls. Breakfast beverages are: coffee or tea 80 cents, hot chocolate $1.00($1.50 to go) decaffeinated coffee 90 cents ($1.05(small) and $1.50(large) to go) 10 ounce Orange, Apple or Tomato Juice $1.50. 16 ounce Orange, Apple or Tomato juice $2.25. Fish(Whiting) is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch platters are served with two sides and cornbread. BBQ Meat Lunch $6.99, Ribs(Spare Ribs 3) $7.99 Beef Ribs(lunch cut 2), Baby Back Ribs (Seasonal) $13.50. C.T's Bar-B-Que offers a variety of salads that include BBQ Salad(topped with brisket, Pork or Chicken) for $4.99, Garden Salad(lettuce, Tomato, Onion) for $3.75 and Grilled Chicken Salad for $5.75 (Grilled Chicken served over Garden Salad). Desserts include Sweet Potato Pie, Peach Cobbler and Sweet Potato Pie (all for $2.75), Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream for $1.75. These a just a few of the delicious meals available at C.T.'s Bar-B-Que open Tuesday to Thursday 6:00 AM to 8:00PM, Friday to Saturday 6:00AM to 10:00PM and Sunday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Catering can be done for all occasions and corporate accounts are welcome. Phone: 732-418-8889, Fax: 732-418-9090.

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