Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Response to Bush Speech - The answer is impeachment, the time to do it is now by August Keso

George W. Bush's speech, according to ABC, required the administration's advanced team to "seed" applause in order to get the military crowd to react. It didn't get any better, for Bush from there. A CNN snap poll, which consisted of 50% Republicans, 25% Democrats and 25% Independent voters couldn't muster much more than a 45% approval. The population polled begs the question - umm, why would any supposed news organization conduct a poll so obviously skewed with 50% of respondents being Republican (they make up less than a third of the US population) and only 25% being Democrat when they make up at least a third of the voting population? Well, judging by CNN's follow-up to the speech -- interviewing Bush supporters only -- the reason becomes obvious. They are hoping to help Bush spin his Iraq unreality. Still, a member of the MSM working for Bush isn't the news here. The news is the lies told -- yet again -- by Bush.Bush invoked 911, 6 times according to CNN in a blatant and overt attempt at linking Iraq-Saddam to the terror attack against the United States. According to the 911 Commission's report, there was no nexus, no operational ties, no link between Saddam and al-Qaeda. There has never been any evidence linking Saddam to the 911 attacks. Sure, Dick "5 'Nam deferments" Cheney spun the, at the time, known lies of one of the 911 hijackers having met with a Saddam intelligence agent...but that was an absolute, outright lie. All any American need do in order to understand the gross nature of Bush's continued lies, is read the Downing Street Memos. British Intelligence made it clear they didn't believe Bush's Saddam WMD claims were true either.Frankly, it isn't even possible to keep track of the mountain of lies Bush has told the American people, so it won't be harped upon here. It is however, important the American people understand and realize Bush lied them into the Iraq War, and that he must be held to account for his past lies...and more importantly, for his blatant and continued insistence of a 911-Saddam link. There can be only one way, to properly deal with the likes of George W. Bush -- though it will pain CNN, to ever have to report it -- and that is to impeach him, for lying to the American people...lies that have cost the lives of thousands. The answer is impeachment, and the time to do it is now.

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