Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Now Is The Time To Act On Downing Street Memo

If more progressive Democrats are elected in 2006 there will be a chance of President Bush being impeached. Of course I may be overly optimistic but it is a possibility. The war in Iraq may be bringing smiles to Wall Street but it is not getting the same type of reaction on Main Street. Even though you would never tell by watching network or cable news, growing numbers of people are weary of an illegal war that has cost over 1,600 American lives ( more than 20 thousand Americans seriously wounded) and over 100,000 Iraqi lives.
Democrats see that they have a chance of removing long time nemesis Rick Santorium (the lastest polls show Casey is still ahead) in Pennsylvania. Another possible Democratic victory could be in Minnesota where native Minnesotan Al Franken plans to challenge Norm Coleman. Minnesota is a very difficult state to predict victory, since it chose a wrestler over the son of a favorite son, Hubert Humphrey Jr, son of the late vice president Hubert Humphrey. Franken, the very witty actor/author/radio personality should be a formidable opponent for Coleman. Since this state has a history of unpredictabilty: many were shocked when Coleman defeated another Minnesota favorite son Walter Mondale.
Tom Delay is fighting for his political life in his home state of Texas. If these and other Democratic advances materialize in '06 it could mean some serious trouble for W. There is always the possibility of chicanery with the voting process on the state and municipal levels. The first of the alleged "fixed" elections is the one in which decorated war hero Max Clelland lost in
Georgia. All exit polls had him as the victor yet by some "miracle" he managed to lose. But if we do have "fair" elections and the Democratic presence is increased then we could see some movement on impeachment because now there IS a smoking gun; it's called the Downing Street Memo, absolute proof that George Bush was unprovoked when he decided to invade Iraq and take over it's top two hundred lucrative businesses, leading the country to war under false pretenses. Now is the time for progressives and conservatives with conscience to take the initial steps to remove George W. Bush from office. Get the facts, go to, then write your elected officials (Senators, Congresspersons etc) Then after that write the mainstream media and demand to know why they are deliberately ignoring the story when they gave us every minute detail about the stained dress of Monica Lewinsky. Here are some good places to start:,,,,,,, NBC News 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York10012. DO IT NOW!

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