Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Response To Gar

I am glad that we are able to agree on most of what I have written, so now I will mention those items that we may not agree. First of all "Rent-A-Center" is not the only parasitic business in the country. You mentioned two or three others. You seem to be criticizing me for not mentioning all of that realistic? How can you expect me to mention all of them when you didn't do it yourself? I specifically mentioned "Rent-A-Center" because it is doing business in minority areas. You will not find a "Rent-A-Center" in Scarsdale, New York or Alpine, New Jersey. You will find them in poor black and Hispanic communities. The majority of the victims of such morally corrupt enterprises are black. There are hundreds of thousands of black people who are unaware of the predatory nature of this particular business and I want to inform them. That was the purpose of that post. Now you are correct when you say that this business would rob anyone they could regardless of color, but most of "Rent-A-Centers" victims are black. As for your saying that it is "evident" that I am a racist.....have you read the other posts that I have put on this site......."Howard Dean and Harry Reid deserve our support for speaking truth to power", "Senator Frank Lautenberg Opposes Efforts To Privatize Social Security", "Lynne Stewart Conviction: A Travesty of Justice" Do these titles sound like articles written by a black racist?????? Experience has shown me that "many" whites show anger, fear and distrust of black men who are outspoken and true to their convictions. I hope that you are not one of them, but in case you are, so be it. I am going to continue to say what I feel. I am a strong believer in building coalitions. At this time we have a callous administration who embraces people of all long as they have a lot of money. The rest of us are suffering and we all must work together to remove this lying tyrant from office. George W. Bush has a strong ally within the Democratic Party called the DLC(or Democratic Leadership Committee). My site's purpose is to educate, agitate and encourage people of all races, creeds and colors to diminish the influence of the DLC and ultimately remove the right-wing Republicans from the White House. If these goals are to be met they must be done collectively. If there were an election in which the two candidates were Tim Wise (white) and Clarence Thomas(black). I would enthusiastically endorse Mr. Wise because he is a man who knows the root causes of white racism and has a general idea of how to combat it. I encourage all people to support his organization A.W.A.R.E. Mr. Thomas is one who only protects the interests of those who support the status quo, being the only Supreme Court member who didn't want to spare the life of Mr. Miller-El, a black man who did not get a fair trial in Texas. I hope that this has clarifed some of your misconceptions.

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