Monday, June 13, 2005

Mainstream Media Loses It's #1 Diversion....The Michael Jackson Trial.

Until today this site never reported anything about the Michael Jackson trial because I always thought that it was an intentional diversion, but now that the trial is over and Jackson has been acquitted of all TEN counts of child molestation maybe the mainstream media will start giving us real news. With the unusually high numbers of witnesses for the prosecution the trial itself must be considered a witch hunt. Yes, Michael may be a little naive and very careless to not see the danger of having pre-teenage males in your bed but that does not make him a predator of innocent youth. The press deliberately set out to destroy him. We saw his name and picture on countless supermarket tabloids. Many times they would refer to him as "JACKO" or "WACKO JACKO" I had to stop and think of another rock legend (who I also think is innocent) who is also accused of perversions involving youth. Somehow The New York Post doesn't have a derogatory name for this rock legend and there are very few articles about his ordeal. I ask myself why, could it be because he is not black? Of course I am refering to the great Pete Townsend of The Who. The MSM gave us a steady diet of Michael Jackson to divert our attention from the Iraq war and now the MSM has an even greater challenge because now there are two allegations of deception via the Downing Street Memo that unquestionably show that George W. Bush lied and pillaged a country for its natural resource....oil. There will be those who say that Michael Jackson like Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson got off because of his celebrity. I disagree with that point of view because I am certain that if that jury saw the slightest instance of deviant behavior involving a minor Jackson, would pay big. Now that he has been cleared I hope that he has learned from his mistakes and that finally the MSM will as he himself said in one of his songs "Leave Me Alone"

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