Sunday, June 12, 2005

John Cory's Article Is On Point

John Cory has written an excellent piece for Perspective. He is very critical of those Democrats who are critical of Howard Dean's assessment of the Bush administration in particular and Republicans in general. Mr. Cory has considerable disgust for those apologist Democrats and reminds them that there are other issues that should have more importance than how Mr. Dean may have offended some Republicans. He made a list of eight priorities Democrats collectively should have. He addresses the apologist Democrats in this manner "If you Democratic leaders want to get upset about something, here's part of my list:
1.Lack of health care in this country.
2.Trampling of civil rights and privacy in the name of phony patriotism.
3.Religious hate discrimination against gays sanctioned as legislation.
4.Corporations ruining the environment and defiling worker's rights.
5.In a culture of life - why does more money go to improving bombs than improving schools?
6.How can a president lie to Congress about war and get away with it?
7.Church and State do not belong together. Ever.
8.Why do I need to remind you of any of this?
I don't give a crap whether or not you like Howard Dean. It's about damned time the Democratic Party quit sucking up to corporations and Republicans and began sticking up for the people! You remember, we the people? Of the people, by the people, and for the people? It is there somewhere in a government document, as I recall. Make a Freedom of Information request and maybe one of your new conservative judges will let you look at it under the glass where they keep it. " Reading Mr. Cory's list made me think of one of my own. We have practically the same outlook, even though there are some omissions on his list that are found on mine and vice versa. Here are my top eight issues Democrats should be concerned with: 1) What are you doing with regard to fair elections in 2006 and 2008? (When are you going to admit that the last TWO presidential elections were fraudulent? 2) The Downing Street Memo proves once and for all that Bush was lying. When will we see some movement on impeachment? 3) 25 people were murdered by an illegal, unelected government in Haiti. How long do you intend to act as if it never happened? 4) A Philadelphia court has just decided not to hear any further testimony in the murder trial of Mumia Abu Jamal when someone is willing to testify that he is the one who committed the crime, not Abu Jamal. Why aren't you challenging a media who is primarily telling us about the Michael Jackson case and the runaway bride? 5) If you can get so bent out of shape about "true" comments made by the Democratic leader why don't you have anything to say about the improper conduct of Wisconsin's Sensenbrenner who in committee denied giving DEMOCRATS a chance to speak on the issue of the Patriot Act? 6) Lack of Health Care in this country. Why is the US still the only industrialized nation that doesn't have a comprehensive health care plan for all of its citizens? 7) Corporations are ruining the environment and difiling workers rights. 8) Why do you have to be reminded of these issues that effect the masses of American people? When will we hear some answers on RELEVANT issues? Democrats should be leading the way. DLC Democrats come in loud and clear when it comes to the IRRELEVANT.

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