Saturday, June 11, 2005

Howard Dean and Harry Reid Deserve Our Support For Speaking TRUTH to POWER

During the era of the George W. Bush presidency I have been very critical of Democrats who have made it possible for Bush's tax cuts for the rich, the estate tax and the environmental destruction projects to become law. Members of the DLC have become Bush allies on a variety of issues. Joe Lieberman is frequenty seen on television pushing for peace with the Republicans while criticizing progressive democrats. This is an outrage. Last week Howard Dean was criticized for speaking the truth about Republicans. He said most of them really don't work for a living. I happen to think that he is correct. These people have inherited most of the wealth that they have. They don't do physical work. They have it done for them. Of course there are exceptions, but there are exceptions to everything. Howard Dean spoke the truth. It was outrageous how CNN's Wolf Blitzer became so indignant about Dean's assessment of Republicans. For the most part these greedy politicians are ruining the country. They get us into a war that we now know without a doubt was contrived and their sons and daughters don't fight in it. They are trying to steal our hard earned pensions and Social Security. This has become a nation for the rich and by the rich with absolutely no concerns for the elderly, the poor and the future generations who are going to have to pay for Republican tax cuts and war. Like Howard Dean, Harry Reid is also to be commended for telling the truth and showing backbone. Even though it is nowhere near what it could or should be, Mr. Reid is standing up to the president and the Republicans when he said "If you don't give us what we ask for Mr. Bolton will NOT be the UN representative" Mr. Reid and Mr. Dean deserve our support. If they are a little too enthusiastic about their convictions so be it. If we had seen this type of behavior earlier maybe we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in today.

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