Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Comment From "Gar"

Someone named "Gar" responded to my recent post "Two Outrageous Apologies" I feel that what Gar said was significant and I would like to share it with all those who frequent this site as well as those who may have accidentally stumbled across it. Unfortunately Gar didn't leave his/her e-mail address so I will be writing a public response which shares Gar's and my point of view with the public. This is what Gar had to say on June 22, 2005 " Overall, I agree with you - of course, that means there are some things in your post that I don't agree with. I agree that most of your numbers are probably correct. I'm not sure about the third grade test scores in New York being related to the planning of future prisons but I'm not disputing it. In this crazy world, it certainly sounds plausible.The part that I can't swallow is your evident bigotry. It is not just African-Americans that get sucked dry by "Rent-A-Centers." (And what about the "Loan-Until-Payday" stores and the "Quick-Tax-Rebate" places? You didn't mention them.)All these "businesses" are nothing more than legalized loan-sharks. Further, like real sharks, they don't care what color the outside of the meat is. All they are interested in is sucking the blood out of the victum and chewing on the bones - whatever their race. This also applies to most politicians.Yes, I know that Afro-Americans came to this country unwillingly as slaves and their history of persecution didn't end with being "set free" in 1865. But that was then and this is now.Now, like it or not, we are all on this ship together. This ship may well be the Titanic but as far as I can see, there are no lifeboats. If we continue to let the people in First Class dissipate our energy by fighting each other because my skin is one color and the guy next to me has skin of another color than they are going to stay in First Class and we are going to stay down here in steerage.That is, if they let us stay on the ship at all, because when this baby hits an iceberg, who do you think is going to be thrown overboard first? The way things are now, it damn sure won't be them. Even if everyone drew straws you know as well as I that the drawing would be rigged.So, I guess, what I'm saying here is what Rodney King said so many years ago, "Can't we all just get along?" As long as they keep us divided by labels of Blacks, Latinos, Whites, etc. than our power will be divided too and they know it. But if we come together as just a bunch of human beings who want a better life for ourselves and a chance for our children than we have an opportunity to take over this ship, and just maybe, steer away from that iceberg. If we don't, that water is going to get mighty cold.

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