Monday, June 13, 2005

The Bush Administration.....True Champions of Hypocrisy

Just when you think the Bush Administration has reached the absolute depth of hyprocrisy it surprises you by going even in point: terrorism. The government of Venezuela demanded that The United States return terrorist Luis Posada Carriles accused of downing a Cuban commercial flight in Venezuelan air space. Today the United States told Venezuela it would not return Mr. Posada under any circumstances. This is a man who not only is accused of murdering at least 77 passengers on that flight, but he is also accused of attempting to sabotage the successful Cuban tourist industry by planting a bomb in a hotel that killed an Italian tourist visiting Cuba. Yes, George W. Bush is making the world safe from terrorism, but naturally he assumes that there and good terrorists and bad terrorists. When you terrorize people in Cuba and/or Venezuela in George W. Bush's eyes that is ok. I wonder is this going to be discussed in one of his ever so infrequent press conferences? Does anyone have the guts to confront this obvious double standard?
But wait a minute, that is not all......there's more. Our ever so distinguished vice president, the oh so honorable Richard "Dick" Cheney also made his contribution to blatant hypocrisy. As many people already know Howard Dean described Republicans as a group of white Christians (This happens to be the truth, 99%) who are out of touch with the average U.S. citizen. He also said that many Republicans really don't work to earn a living. Mr. Cheney along with some prominent "let's shoot ourselves in the foot" democrats were angry at Mr. Dean because of these two caustic statements. Mr. Cheney went on to make comments like "Mr. Dean is over the top" and "Mr. Dean is the type of person that only a mother could love" Apparently Mr. Cheney has forgotten that he told Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont "Go intercourse yourself" of course our ever so distinguished vice president used a vulgar four letter word in place of "intercourse" I am not aware of any statements of outrage by the "Let's shoot ourselves in the foot" Democrats, although I am sure there must have been some. When Mr. Dean was speaking about Republicans he never used any profanity. Those who interviewed Mr. Cheney after his statement did nothing but toss him softball questions, one of which was "How did you feel after making such a statement?" to which Mr. Cheney responded "I felt much better" Does anyone detect a double standard here, or is it just me?

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