Monday, May 02, 2005

Why Did 73 Democrats Support The Bankruptcy Bill?

The high cost of running a campaign for senator, governor, congressperson or even mayor continues to skyrocket. As a result many of our senators, govenors and even the president owe their elections to the huge donations given to their campaigns by these entities. Many elected officials admit that they couldn't have won without them.......and that includes democrats. How else could you explain the fact that 73 democrats voted for the bankruptcy bill? How many of them were in the pockets of big business, especially the pharmaceuticals and credit card companies. The latter "convinced" many that we have a crisis in this country because a substancial portion of the general population is irresponsible. This is a LIE, the vast majority of credit card holders do fullfil their obligations. Most people who declare bankruptcy do so because of the loss of the breadwinning spouse or a medical emergency. The democratic party is perceived as having a primary interests in the well being of the working family, the average American. It is to me
unphantomable that "one" democrat (let alone "seventy-three) would support such a destructive piece of legislation unless they were forced to do so. Many prominent democrats who have a strong record in labor issues and civil rights supported this bill. This includes the senior
democrat West Virginia's Robert Byrd. This underscores the fact that true democrats must be vigilant. There are battles with Republicans and battles within the Democratic party. Campaign
finance reform must become law. Fortunately MoveOn. org has leveled the playing field because now the Democratic Party doesn't have to rely exclusively on so called "fat cat" contributors. The diminished role of the Democratic Leadership Council is a Godsend, but the battle cannot stop there. The state of Oregon has proponents of a plan that would limit state contributions to all major candidates to no more than $145.000. In this way we can insure the will of the people and not the major corporations. It is my hope that this plan goes into effect in Oregon and then spreads like wildfire to the other states. In that way maybe we wouldn't have 73 democrats supporting anti-working class legislation like the bankruptcy bill.

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