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"We The People" Do Have the Power to Control the Media by August Keso

'We the People' Do Have the Power to Control the Media - We only need make the choice to choose to use that power by August Keso, May 20th, 2005
Earlier this week CNN, sister company of TIME magazine, had boiled TIME's competitor, Newsweek alive. Did CNN bother to question whether or not the Pentagon, and by default then, the Bush administration had any responsibility whatsoever for the story, which had caused so many problems? Newsweek did after all have the piece vetted by the Pentagon beforehand, and they failed to point out the supposed Quran flaw. Why isn't CNN placing journalistic integrity and facts before their lynching of Newsweek? The answer is simple...profits.CNN is a prime example of what is wrong with America's so-called journalism media. They have no respect for their roll, as arbiter of information between the government and the people. They care not the least about their charge to ensure the people are well and accurately informed, so that they, in a free and democratic society, can make wise choices concerning their own governance. And it is the People's government, regardless of what Bush and Republicans might like the country to believe. No, for CNN and every other so-called news outlet, what matters well before...way before their duties and dare I say it, responsibilities in a democratic society, is their ratings and profits. Nothing else matters. Nothing!CNN's biased and brazen profit driven dragging of Newsweek through the mud instead of reporting the facts, highlights this prostitution posing as news that has engulfed the American media and threatens the nation's democracy. CNN doesn't care that their failure to confront the government on this issue and their refusing to fully report news, such as the Downing Street Memo are destroying America's democracy. They have a chance to score a few points for TIME, and if they are really lucky, destroy the competition. That is all they see and all that matters.That is why CNN isn't asking McClellan who he and the Bush administration think they are, when they try to tell editors of a supposed free-press, what they must and must not do. That is why they don't have a Bush lackey on their programs and asking how it is, that all America's perception problems can possibly be linked to one news story. That is why they aren't asking the White House how the inaccuracies -- if there really are any in the Newsweek story, as several organizations have reported Quran abuse in the back to March, 2003 -- which were vetted by Pentagon sources, could possibly be Newsweek's fault...they did their job as a news agency, they checked their facts with those that claim to know the truth. Profits, that is why CNN isn't doing anything other than destroying Newsweek and in the process, America's democracy.But there is more to this problem. Tim Russert on Larry King Live, admitted that NBC has withheld news, because the Bush administration had asked them not to run it. All in the name of national security of course. Russert even admitted that sometimes they had been duped by the government, and the reason for not wanting them to run the piece -- they found out later -- had nothing to do with national security. Still, Russert said, they remain the dutifull dupes themselves, and censor news whenever the administration tells them to do so. All in the name of national security of course. See, what even a supposed 'good' journalist, like Russert fails to understand, is that in a democracy they, the media, don't exist at the governments leisure. Their only function and purpose is to report the facts, as they are found, so the American people can make wise decisions and choices about their governance. That even Russert feels obliged to play the government lackey isn't at all comprehensible.Also, of late, the New York Times reporting of Galloway's Senate visit was buried deep within their 'International' section. Apparently, for the NYT, Washington DC is now, considered a foreign land. Not only did they bury the testimony of a foreign elected official before the Senate, they didn't even bother to report on most of Galloway's testimony. Perhaps the Bush administration thought and was able to persuade the Times that Mister Galloway's public testimony was a danger to America's national security? Fortunately, there is a simple answer to CNN, NBC and the NYT's prostitution and news censorship. Refuse to be their John or dupe. Don't watch them and don't read their papers! They want to dismiss their role as defender of America's democracy and instead play the whore, for profits or await government pats on the head for being good dogs? Then hit them the only place they know to look for news. Hit them in the bottom line. Turn them off, tune them out, don't buy or read their papers and simply don't view their programming. Here is the thing CNN and America's media in general, just don't get. We, as in We the People, don't need them anymore. We can collect, analyze and distribute news for ourselves. If American media won't tell the truth, we can find outlets anywhere on the planet that will and so we should. CNN and the rest of America's media want to play the prostitute and think only of profits, maintaining government secrecy and ignore their responsibility in a free society? Sounds good, because we don't need them anymore and we simply don't have to watch or read their rubbish. Let's see how that suits their profit driven insanity.Surely, as Americans, not watching CNN, NBC and not reading the New York Times is the least we can do to save our democracy. Certainly, not viewing or reading aren't that big of a sacrifice when compared perhaps, to those made by the Founding Fathers or the once jailed Solidarity Leaders in Poland. We, as in We the People, have to start somewhere and regain control over our democracy. Refusing to watch CNN, NBC or reading the NYT for willfully failing to perform their function within a democratic society is a good first step. Maybe, just maybe, if our protest -- our refusal to accept prostituted and compromised media -- were successful in these cases, CNN and all of America's media would learn a lesson. That lesson being, if nobody is watching or reading, there can be no prostituted profits because they have nobody to act as their Johns. Corporations might own the news in this country, but if We the People aren't tuning in, they have no demand and as any economist will tell you, without demand there is no need for supply. So let's decide today, that whenever and wherever a supposed news outlet, whether it is television, radio or print, refuses to uphold it's responsibilities in a free and democratic society, we will immediately cease to demand their product. And when our demand disappears so will their need to supply and therefore, their profits. We do have the power to control the media. We simply have to make the choice to choose to use that power.As for me, I am off to delete CNN from my television. It is a simple thing really, go to 'menu' and then 'channels' and with one little click, delete and then as I surf, CNN doesn't show up. Just like that, one bomb lobbed in the war for America's democracy. Surely, that isn't too difficult or require much sacrifice.
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I agree, we cannot fight the problem if we continue to support the problem. It is like the joke about consultants, "If you are not part of the solution there is a ton of money to be made continuing the problem." You are part of the solution, and your boycott would end the problem.
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