Saturday, May 07, 2005


P E T I T I O N "Be the change you want to see in the world?" Ghandi Dear friends, Please don't ignore this opportunity to do one of the most important things possible for the world!The Brazilian congress is now voting on a project that will reduce the Amazon forest to 50% of its size. It will take 1 MINUTE to read this. Read it please and then put your name at the end of the list. Don't just forward this email!----------------*PLEASE copy & paste the entire text into a new e-mail'.*----------------*NB DON'T JUST FORWARD IT - AS IT WILL THEN END UP WITH ROWS AND ROWS of '>'s' which discourages people from sending it on*----------------First, some facts: -The Amazon rainforest is responsible for the generation of 20% of the oxygen that we on this earth breathe, 30% of the world's freshwater is contained within the Amazon basin, 60% of the cancer fighting drugs used today are derived from plants that can only be found within the Amazon rainforest. -The area to be deforested is 4 times the size of Portugal and would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for livestock. All the wood is to be sold to international markets in the form of wood chips, by large multinational companies. The truth is that the soil in the Amazon forest is useless without the forest itself. Its quality is very acidic and the region is prone to constant floods.- At this time more than 160,000 square kilometres deforested with the same purpose are abandoned and in the process of becoming deserts, meaning that this proposal is in the short-term interests of a few & in the long term interests of none.If you are the 400th person to sign please send a copy <>Thank you for your help!!!01 - Fernanda de Souza Saviolo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ02 - Nara Maria de Souza - Rio de Janeiro - RJ -03 - Julio Cesar Fraga Viana Rio de Janeiro04 - Monica Grotkowsky Brotto Sao Paulo05 - Mauricio Grotkowsky Br! otto Sao Paulo06 - Ricardo A.Corrallo - SP07 - S unn! y Jonathan - SP08 - Leonardo Larsen Rocha - SP09 - Evandro Sestrem -10 - Marco Aurlio Wehrmeister - Blumenau - SP11 - Angela Maria Gonalves - Blumenau -SP12 - Alessndra Bernardino- Blumenau - SP13 - Pedro Carstens Penfold - Rio de Janeiro - RJ -14 - Annelena Porto Delgado - S*o Paulo -15 - Erica Couto -S*o Paulo -16 - Elaine Couto- S*o Paulo - SP17 - Tatiana de Almeida Voivodic - S*o Paulo18 - Solange B Furlanetto - S*o Paulo / SP!19 - Marcos deSouza Mello - S*o Paulo / SP20 - Elian! eSantiago - S*o Paulo/SP21 - Francisca J. Bezerra Alves Ara*jo - S*oPaulo-SP22 - Carlos Alber to Dantas Junior - Rio de JaneiroRJ23 - Daniel Rodrigues da Cruz - Rio de Janeiro /RJ24 - Gabriella Gaida - Rio de Janeiro - RJ25 - Ceclia Silva Teixe ira Pinto - RJ - 03/06/7526 - Tania Santos Miguel27 - Celso Henrique! Diniz Valente de Figueiredo -RJ28 - Marcelo Lopes Rheingantz - Rio de Janeiro - RJ29 - Rodrigo Tassinari de Oliveira - Rio de Janeiro30 - Andr LobatoPinheiro - Rio deJaneiro - RJ31 - Ismael dos Santos Silva - RJ -32 - Gustavo Alexandre Caetano Correa - RJ -33 - Juana Varella Barca de Amorim - Rio de Janeiro34 - Nara Faria Silva Rio de Janeiro -RJ-35 - Isabella Jaggi S*oPaulo- SP -36 - Diana de Andrade Freitas - Rio de Janeiro -RJ37 - Karina Dourad! o - S*o Paulo -38 - Pablo Genuncio Garcia - Rio de Janeiro39 - Fabola Morais de Lucca - S*o Paulo -40 - Alexei Morais de Lucca - S! *o Paulo - SP -41 - Renata Regina Roxo - S*o Paulo - SP -42 - Fernanda Teixeira - S*o Paulo - SP -43 - Patr icia Freitas - S*o Paulo - SP44 - Cintia Regina K*rner -Alemanha - DE -45 - Wolfgang K*rner - Alemanha - DE46 - Roseani Viei! ra Roch a - San Francisco - CA47 - Angela Ichimura - ! S*o Paul o - SP48 - Assunta Viola - Sao Paulo - SP50 - Marina Amaral - Alemanha - DE51 - Fabian Rodrigu! es Caetano - Sao Paulo - SP -52 - Luciana Cabrera- Santa Barbara- Ca53 - Andrea Torres- Lahaina, Hawaii54 - Carla Duarte- New York, NY55 - Sergio Goes - New York, NY56 - Itaal Shur - New York, NY57 - Hiroyoku Sanada-New York, NY, US58 - Marianne Ebert-new york, NY, US59 - Gloriana M. Calhoun - New York,! NY60 - Roger Jazilek - New York, NY61 - Cheryl To - New York, NY62 - Judy Mercer - Paris, France63 - Evelyne Pouget- Woodstock, NY64 - Hera-Woodstock, NY65 - Nicos Peonides - Cy! prus - New York NY66 - Fiona Cousins - New York, NY67 - Alistair Millington - London, UK68 - Edgar Craggs - Bristol, UK69 - Chris Hastie - Nottingham, UK70 - Adam Barley - Bristol, UK71 - Dawn Morgan - B! ristol, UK72 - Lottie Berthoud - Bristol , UK73 - Julia Simnett - Bristol, UK74 - Lindsey Colbourne - Bath, UK75 - Wendy Lawton - Bath, UK76 - James Friel - Birmingham, UK77 - S! ylvia Magyar - Budapest, Hungary78 - Danco Uzunov - Budapest Hungary79 - Vladimir Jurukovski - New York, USA80 - LasteStojanovski - Auckland,New Zealand81 - Katerina Rusevska - Skopje, Macedonia82 - Snezana Pesic -Kragujevac, Yugoslavia83 - Sladjan Pavlovic - Beograd, Yugoslavia84 - Jelka Crnobrnja-Isailovic - Belgrade,Yugoslavia85 - Begoqa Arano-Brussels, Belgium86 - Brendan Kelly-Brussels, Belgium87 - Rafael Marquez-Madrid, Spain88 - Ignacio De la Riva-Madrid, Spain89 - A. Townsend Pe! terson - Lawrence,Kansas90 - Anita Gamauf-Vienna,Austria91 - Desmond Allen-Tokyo, Japan92 - Krys Kazmierczak, London, UK.93 - Anand Prasad, Denma rk94 - Pauline McLeod, Yo! rk, UK ? BR>95 - Lee Casey, Harrogate, United Kingdom96 - Sibylle Rhovier, Bournemouth, UK97 - Peter McCaig, London UK98 - Robert Vint, Totnes, UK99 - Hugh Warwick, Oxford, UK100 - Richard Madden, Brighton, UK101 - Am! anda Marks, Woodbidge, UK102 - Jane Laws, Woodbridge, UK103 - Joanna Hayes, London, UK104 - Julian Matthews - London UK105 - Anna Davies, London, UK106 - Darren Lucas, M! ansfield, UK107 - Nic Masters, Taunton, UK108 - Kate Dougal, London, UK109 - Richard Dolan, London, UK110 - Stacey Watson, London, UK111 - Shannon O'Brien, London, UK112 - Jigna Patel, London, UK113 - Lisa O'Brien, Malmo, Sweden114 - Johan Luyckx, Malmo, Sweden115 - John Dolecek, Malmo, Sweden11! 6 - Steven Huynh, Malmo, Sweden117 - Bodil Johansson, Malmo, Sweden118 - Anna-Maj Wandt, Dalby, Swed!en119 - Kajsa Nordstrom, Uppsala, Sweden120 - Anna Hillerberg, Stockholm , Sweden121 - Annika Jegbert, Stockholm, Sweden122 - Christer Jegbert, Stockholm, Sweden123 - Anna-Carin Collin, Taby, Sweden124 - Nadja von Kantzow, Stockholm, Sweden125 - Johan von kantzow, Stockholm, Sweden126 - Calle Rosengren! , stockholm, sweden127 - Daniel Achilles, Stockholm, Sweden128 - Cecilia Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden129 - Henrik Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden130 - Pontus Holmgren, Stockholm,Sweden131 - J.B. Russell, Paris, France132 - S.D. Smith, Virginia, United States135 - January Harris, Virginia, United States136 - Tarki L. - Crook, Virginia, United States137 - Marcia L. Rutledge, Syracuse, NY, USA138 - Justin A. Cohen, Syracuse, NY, US139 - Stephen C. Shriber, Amsterdam, The Netherlands !140 - Laura I.Shriber!, Den Haag, The Netherlands141 - Rutje V. Gorissen, Amsterdam , The Netherlands142 - Floris Mansvelt Beck143 - Herbert A. Hauer144 - Dorien Culo, Denderleeuw, Belgium145 - Heidi De Glas , denderleeuw , Belgium146 - Van Wesemael Emily J., Nafraiture, Belgium147 - Nicola Monkhouse, Surrey, UK148 - Rowena Pickering, Barnsley, UK149 - Jonathan Exley, Birmingham, UK150 - Uwe Harck,south africa151 - Gisela Harck, Stellenbosch,South Africa152 - Garyth Bevan, Stellenbosch, South Africa153- Dorothee van B?l , Dreieich, Germany154 - Lena Agel, Dreieich, Germany155 - Larissa Agel, Dreieich, Germany156 - Katinka Gering, Dreieich, Germany157 - Julia Geisensetter, Dreieich, Germany158 - Alexandra Liede, Ruesselsheim, Germany159 - Jennifer A. Klein, Ruesselsheim, Germany160 - Danijela Kekic, R?heim, Germany161 - Sandro Boras, Frankfurt, Germany162 - Nicholas Niksic! , Windsor ON, Canada163 - Mike Marelic, Windsor On, Canada164 - Scott Scheirich, Windsor On, Canada165 - Chinedu Ezemenari, Toronto On, Canada166 - Ross Etherington, Toronto On, Canada167 - Kathryn Hodgins, Chatham, ON Canada168 - Jane Hodgins, Chatham, ON Canada169 - Sally Joyce, Chatham, ON Canada170 - Brigitte Davis, Chatham ON Canada171- Courtney Davis, Chatham ON Canada172 - Jenni-Raie Merritt, Windsor, ON Canada173-Crystal Quigley, Windsor, ON Canada174 - Shana Morneau, Amherstburg, ON Canada175 - Dawn Stickney, Windsor, ON Canada176. Jessica Gurske, Waterloo, ON Canada177. Maggie Couto, Wheatley, ON Canada178. Rachel Weigel, Kitchener, ON Canada179. Susi Scott, Kitchener, ON Canada180. Erin Stewart, Waterloo, ON Canada181. Laura Prevost, Waterloo, ON Canada182. Lauren Easson, St. Catharines, ON Canada183. Evangeline Medina, St. Catharines, ON Canada184. Melanie Lawrenc! e, Windsor, ON Canada185. Deborah Nazareth, St. Catharines, ON, Canada186. Kimberly Todd, Ottawa, ON, Canada187. Melissa C, Sudbury, ON, Canada188. Barb A., Sudbury, ON, Canada189. Dave Foster, Toronto, ON, Canada190. Kevin Howley, Toronto, ON, Canada191. Colin Kingsmore, Toronto, ON, Canada192. Kieran Adams, Toronto, ON, Canada193. Angela Wheeler, Halifax, NS, Canada194. Melissa Cameron, Vancouver, BC, Canada195. James Everett, Napanee, ON, Canada196. Josh Tustin, Deseronto, ON, Canada197. Tammy Everett, Toronto, ON, Canada198. Megan Kelly, Camden East,ON, Canada199. Jennifer Walden, Peterborough, ON, Canada200. Ashley Elliott, Mississauga, ON, Canada201. Jim Elliott, Mississauga, ON, Canada202. Hans Held, Midland, ON, Canada203. Jason Held, Toronto ON, Canada204. Yvonne Glagau, Toronto ON, Canada205. Dr. Chris Bunt, Kitchener, ON, Canada206 Mike Johns, Guelph, ! Ontario, Canada207 Tom Bartlett Guelph Ontario, Canada208 Anne Trzcinski Guelph Ontario, Canada209 Ralph Bennett, Ancaster, ON, Canada210 Millie Bennett, Ancaster, ON, Canada211 Stanley lamontagne Abbotsford BC Canada212 Jack and Ginny Watt, Dahlonega Georgia USA213 Don and Joy Kellett, Phenix City, AL. USA214 Jack & Joan Thompson Owen Sound ON. CAN.215 Lloyd & Gayle Bye Owen Sound Ont. Canada216 Kevin & Kathleen Quinn - Owen Sound, ON Canada217 Jim & Sheila Cummings -Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada218 Mary & Michael Morrison - Ponteland, England, U.K.219 Magda Carr - Dundee, Scotland, UK.220 Claire Turner - Newcastle, UK221 Alex Robb-Millar, Devon, UK.222 Noel Griffin, Southport, UK.223 Wolfgang, Weick AUT224 Thurner Evelyn, 1200 Vienna, AUT225 - Irene Prado, 1120 Vienna, Austria226- Monica Alvarez, USA227-limor sella,israel228-Amit sagiv,israel229 Samuel Young- Donald, Victoria, Australia230-Luke Pickett, Melbourne Victoria, Australia231- Tommy Simsek, Melbourne, Australia232 - Troy Arnott, Melbourne, Australia233 - Peter Storie, Melbourne, Australia234 - Ryan Smith, Melbourne, Australia235 - David Stapleton, Melbourne, Australia236 - Ashley Coutts, Nelson, New Zealand237 - Simon Tannock, Nelson, New Zealand237 - Bill Rucks, Picton, New Zealand238 - Kate Thurston, Wainui, New Zealand239 - Chris Thurston, Wainui, New Zealand240 - Warren Hoy, Wainui, New Zealand241 - Kirsty Richmond,Pohara,New Zealand242 - Juliet Shelley, Korokoro, New Zealand243 - Rachael Linton, Wellington, New Zealand244 - Andrea Bell, Melbourne, Australia245 - Gillian Bell Ohau New Zealand246 - Noel Bruce, Ohau New Zealand247 - Dale Johnston, Hamilton New Zealand248 - Olivia Johnston, CHCH, New Zealand249 - Amy Reason, CHCH, New Zealand250 - Penny van der Velde, Auckland, New Zealand251 - Lucy McKenzie, Auckland, New Zealand252 - Paul Baragwanath, Auckland, New Zealand253 - Barbara Baragwanath, Auckland, New Zealand254 - Dave Breuer, North Shore New Zealand255 - Louise Belcher, North Shore New Zealand256 - Melodie Breuer, North Shore New Zealand257 - Lindsey Britton, Manukau , New Zealand258 - Angela Dunn , Manukau , New Zealand259 - Marianne Macdonald, Auckland, New Zealand260 - Dave Botha, Auckland, new Zealand261 - Jennifer James, Auckland, New Zealand262 - Kath Forster, South Africa263 - Anthea Torr, South Africa_ _264 - Alex Du Toit, Cape Town, South Africa265 - Taryn da Canha, Cape Town, South Africa266 - Monique Anastasiou, Johannesburg, South Africa267 ? Chambis Kiatipis, Nicosia, Cyprus267 - George Kalligeros, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA
268 - Pat Hastie, Harrison Township, Michigan, USA
269 - Paul Hastie, Harrison Township, Michigan, USA 270 - Claude Chaney, Somerset, New Jersey, USA
271 - Evette Chaney, Somerset, New Jersey, USA
272 - Joy Chaney, Somerset, New Jersey, USA

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