Wednesday, May 25, 2005

George W Bush's Greatest Hits

George W. Bush, if he is anything he IS consistent. He had never succeeded in anything from the Texas Rangers to the disastrous oil ventures (in which the Saudis bailed him out). Although brother Neil did compete with the Silverado savings fiasco W seems to be in a league of his own when it comes to consistent failure.....but what is his greatest faux pas. There have been so many that it is hard to select one as the biggest or worst. Could it be the time that he told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Americans must go to war against a country that members of his own administration said was the weakest country in the region? or could it be when one of his most ardent supporters and one of the biggest contributors to his presidential campaign was accused of "stealing" money from the pension plans of its employees? Yes during the campaign W referred to Ken Lay as "Kenny Boy" but when Ken Lay was indicted all of a sudden Mr. Bush denied that they had a close relationship. Enron Corporation was found to be the principal culprit of the California Energy crisis and Mr. Bush could say close to nothing about the avarice of his old pal "Kenny Boy" But then again maybe that was not the crown jewel of this ethically challenged administration. Maybe it's the decision to cheat during the televised debates with John Kerry in which there were some reporters who actually admitted to seeing a big bulge in the president's back and what seemed to be a very small earphone in his ear. Most people would call this "cheating" but the vast majority of the so called "liberal" media chose not to spend too much time on this topic when we all know that if Clinton had done this it would be headline news. Then again maybe that isn't the crown jewel either, maybe it's the Gannon/Guckert affair, when a reporter without valid credentials has access to the presidential press corps and tosses softball questions to the President. This same reporter was discovered to be a male prostitute. Now I am certain that we all have some skeletons in our closet but doesn't this seem a little unusual for the administration that became the people's choice because of it's exceptionally high "moral" character? No, that's not the crown jewel..or it is? Maybe it when W gave 240,000.00 to Armstrong Williams to promote "No Child Left Behind" in the African-American community. Some of that money could have actually been given to the underfunded program instead of to Mr. Williams. To make matters even worse this administration was caught manufacturing news. Mr. Bush through his surrogates realized that his opponent John Kerry was a bona-fide war hero and waged a very effective campaign to smear Mr. Kerry's wartime accomplishments. Of course Mr. Bush said he had nothing to do with the Swift-Boat organizations. W embarrassed himself and especially Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice when he was in Brasil and he asked the question "Do you have black people here too?" This shows his worldliness. Before becoming president he seldom travelled outside of the U.S. and it showed. W once said "The problem with the French is that they have no idea of what the word "Entrepreneur" means" What a profound statement when you come to the realization that it IS a French word. Then again maybe the crown jewel of W's administration was his A.I.D.S policy?
Millions of dollars were donated to stop the spread of A.I.D.S as long as his buddies in the pharmaceutal industry were allowed to gain a buck or two. Maybe the real crown jewel is the way the administration punished those evil doers who were practicing GENOCIDE in Sudan. He really fixed them good..................he sold them weapons. The Iraq war has cost the American taxpayer 300 billion dollars and most of the Iraqis hate us. What about the Downing Street memo? For those of you who may not know what the Downing Street memo was because the U.S. press doesn't report it, or under reports it. Apparently Bush told his partner in crime Tony Blair well in advance that he intended to invade Iraq long before the suspicion of the existence of weapons of mass destruction, so this was an orchestrated illegal undertaking that costs over
100,000 Iraqi lives(mostly civilian) and over 1,600 U. S. lives. The New York Times doesn't not want to put this on the front page......maybe because of what happened to Newsweek? I don't know. One cannot leave out the Terri Schiavo case. President Bush got up at 2:00AM to promote legislation that would prolong the life of a patient whose doctors declared her terminally ill. Meanwhile in Minnesota a child went on a murderous Colombine-like killing spree, which Mr. Bush totally ignored in the beginning but finally responded to after public pressure. Mr. Bush presented himself as an opponent of affirmative action and indirectly supported it's demise even thorough Bush himself (and his family, going back 22 generations) was the beneficiary of a legacy set aside program at Yale. In this administration hypocrisy abounds.
It is so hard to pick the crown jewel misstep of the Bush administration so far because there are so many. What about forcing former New Jersey Governor and Environmental Protection Agency head Christine Todd Whitman
to tell New York City residents to go back to work at ground zero. He forced her to say that there were no problems after 9/11? when people today continue to complain about 9/11 related health issues.
The president is still criss-crossing the country promoting his Social Security privitazation plan, which is even turning off members of his own party, especially those who are up for re-election.
Then of course there is the issue of torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Our soldiers sent photographs to their love ones showing the atrocities that inflamed the Iraq people and the world. There are just so many memorable mess ups by this president and his deputies that is hard to single out one as being the worst. The sad thing is that although he may be a lame duck president he still has another 3 1/2 years left in office. When you look at all the damage he has caused so far he STILL has time to cause even more......and what happens after we get President Frist or President Giuliani...different name same policy. It seems hard to believe but we still have people out there (and I include Democrats) who are afraid to admit that the last two presidential elections were bogus. So it's very hard to pick just one mishap as THE crown jewel or greatest hit (as in damage or destroy) of George W. Bush because he has been so consistent.......consistently awful.

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