Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Filibuster Compromise No Victory For Democrats

Although the filibuster compromise is being portrayed in the press as a "bittersweet" victory for the Democrats the truth is it is another in a series of humiliating defeats because under this so called compromise ultra conservatives Pryor, Owen and Rogers Brown WILL be approved. The Democrats will have the filibuster preserved but will only use it in cases of "extreme" nominees, which means a nominee to the right of Pryor, Owen and Rogers Brown......is that possible? When the Democrats label a nominee "extreme" the Republicans can just state that they disagree. Democratic leader Harry Reid was applauded for at least giving the appearance that the Democrats were developing a spine, but unfortunately once again the Democrats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. According to the Wall Street Journal( a prestigious right wing publication) only 6% of the American public support the actions of a Republican dominated congress. With the people solidly behind you what reason would you have to compromise? This is precisely the type of behavior that continues to infuriate "true" Democrats. The President's Social Security adjustment proposals are dead on arrival. It is obvious that the public rejects it, yet Democrats are still willing to discuss privitization instead of Medicare, where there is a real concern about it's future. New York Giant fans will remember an unpopular perceived policy called the "prevent offensive" well it looks as if the Democrats in congress have adopted a similar perspective. As a result of these nominees being appointed we can expect big business not to be held responsible for the damage their products cause. Ms. Owen always sides with
big business, so if a company's product gives you cancer and you can prove it pray that your
case is not heard by Ms. Owen. President Bush calls the lawsuits against paint companies as
"frivolous" when thousands of infants are victims of lead poisoning. A women's right to choose
will also be seriously threatened. When Newt Gingrich was the congressional Republican leader
the New York Daily News had a front page cartoon of Gingrich portrayed as an infant having a tantrum because he had to sit in the back of President Clinton's jet. This type of immature behavior was seen all over the right-wing blogs. They give the impression that they are the victims. They are actually the victors because once again we see that Democrats can be manipulated even when the public is on the side of the Democrats.
When I heard the reaction of President-select George W. Bush I knew progressive and centrist Democrats lost big time when it comes to the filibuster because Mr. Bush looked at the compromise as a "positive" event. It was no small wonder that Mr. DLC himself, Joe Lieberman was one of the first to praise the compromise. I suggest that anyone who reads this article contact your Democratic elected officials and let them know that you do not consider this compromise a victory and neither was it the best that they could do. This was a rare occasion when all Democratic members of a committee were united and now it has all resulted in yet another defeat (but this time it is disguised as a victory).

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