Monday, May 09, 2005

Bush Administration Pursues "Some" Terrorists While Ignoring Others

Since the Bush Administration has been practically synonymous with the word "hyprocrisy" (i.e. denouncing the Sudanese government for genocide yet giving the nation arms,
firing a director of security when he makes recommendations for change and of course there's Gannon/Guckert) it comes as no surprise that hypocrisy abounds with regard to terrorism. The current Panamanian government was pressured to release alleged terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in 2003. Mr. Carriles is the prime suspect in the bombing of a Cuban commercial airplane that killed more than seventy people in 1976. Mr Carriles also admits to bombing tourist spots in Havana.An Italian visitor was killed in 1997. In spite of overwhelmingly strong evidence that Mr. Posada Carriles was involved in terrorism Roger F. Noriega, the top State Department official for Western Hemisphere affairs says "The United States government has no plan yet in place for handling the extradition request." Mr. Posada Carriles should be brought to justice in Venezuela, like any other person accused of murder. Is there a difference between Luis Posada Carriles and Zacarias Moussauri?(alleged mastermind of 9/11 attack) They are accused of the same murderous act. In both cases innocent lives were lost. If this administration is serious about stopping terrorism honestly Luis Posada Carriles would be an excellent starting point.

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