Monday, April 11, 2005

No More Blood Money For Oil......A Message from THE PEN.

>> The People's Email Network ACTION Alert on Iraq appropriation>> Remember when the democratic presidential candidate referred to the cost of the Iraq war as 200 billion and they called him such a liar and exaggerator? Well guess what, we are there already and now they want ANOTHER 83 billion for corrupt no-bid contractors. There was an interesting development today as Iraq's new president, the Kurdish Jalal Talabani, suggested that they might need the protection of U.S. and other allied forces for as long as two years.>> Of course, the key word here is OTHER. We have been playing unilateral cowboy for the last two years when we should have been working with the rest of world in building real stability in Iraq. And we are moving yet furtherin the wrong direction with the nomination of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador with his carpetbomb approach to diplomacy. Meanwhile the rest of the world deserts our so-called coalition as quietly as possible. At this critical time we can make a real difference by demanding that Bolton be rejected, and by demanding that the Senate require real international cooperation beforewe melt down another dime in Iraq>>>>>> Especially if you live in Rhode Island, please make your voice heard on the Bolton question as Republican Chafee has already expressed strong reservations and the White House is leaning on him as hard as they can. But both of these questions must come before the full Senate so it is important for each and every one of us to speak out NOW for we are the people.>> And please, if you have not already submitted your objections to the bankruptcy bill in the house, there is still time as that debate was mercifully delayed to this coming week. Whether you are outraged by its endorsement of usurous interest rates of over 30 percent, or its abandonment of our medical cost victims, our elderly on subsistance and our overdeployed military, we MUST take a strong stand on this to build a platform for 2006.With enough of your support we have a real shot at winning this one now.>>>> The other side has squandered their mythical political capital exploiting the tragedy of the unfortunate. They are weak, their violations of law are being exposed, and our strong voices can turn the tide. Their snake oilsalesman in chief has been in fulltime campaign mode trying to persuade any world banker who wants to listen that our goverment securities are nothing but worthless paper. And so it will be unless we all raise our voices to stop the insane policies that will mislead us to nothing but utter ruin. Please forward these links to everyone you know. It's up to us alone.>> Or if you want to hold your tongue from now on,

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