Friday, April 01, 2005

Mugabe Wins Again

In a world where imperialism runs rampant world-wide it is comforting to see someone stand up to the lustfully avaricious corporate marauders. At 81 years of age Robert Mugabe's party is STILL in power in Zimbabwe after millions of foreign dollars were unsuccessfully spent to topple him. Just like Hugo Chavez, Mugabe continues to lead because he has the support of the majority of his people. Of course the opposition will claim that the election was not fair. We will here reports of violence and arm-twisting, but this time over seven thousand observers from all over the world witnessed the election process and all have said the election was orderly and peaceful. This time the opposition party was allowed to campaign openly. George W. Bush has made Robert Mugabe personna non grata because of Bush's relationship with Tony Blair. But what is the great crime of Robert Mugabe? He is vigorously moving on land reform and the former colonialist decendents don't like it and fear that this might become an example for other disenfranchised people all over the world who have the audacity to want their land back. It was the same Robert Mugabe, whose government detected a clandestine attempt to overthrow Nguema's dictatorship in Equatorial Guinea because of newly discovered oil. This coup was financed by none other than the son of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Mugabe, Chavez and Castro continue to win battles but that doesn't necessarily mean the war is won. Jean Bertrand Aristide continued to win popular elections in Haiti but he was overthrown in a US engineered coup which the US media out of fear or out of compliance refuses to cover. These leaders are maligned because of their people centered policies which involve controlling their own natural resources and using them for the good of their people. There are so many freedom loving people in the United States who deplore the unbridled greed of the oil companies and other multinationals and what they are doing to the image of liberty and freedom so vigourously espoused by the United States, but these voices have been muzzled while the Constitution has been ignored. As US citizens who are proud of their "liberty" and "freedom" we must condemn the Bush administration for it's continuing efforts to destabilize and/or destroy popularly elected governments around the world. If you continue to turn a blind eye to these atrocities you are just as guilty as Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney et. al.

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