Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It Should be THE issue for Democrats but......

Without a doubt the single most important issue for Democrats should be the right to vote. After two questionable elections Republicans (for obvious reasons) ignore the issue, some go as far as to laugh about it. But what I find surprising is that there are many prominent Democrats who are very quiet about it. Sure Conyers, Boxer, Slaughter and a few others continue to raise the issue but many other Democrats, say little or nothing. Even the mainstream media is starting to focus on THE issue. Today there was an article by Robert Steinback of the Miami Herald which said the following "Nothing is more important, for the world's pre-eminent democracy, than assuring the sanctity of each vote."Steinbeck goes on to say: Worst of all, computer voting machines deny critics, reporters, attorneys general and historians the chance to recheck results -- which undermines the confidence any citizen can have in what are billed as free and fair elections." Miami-Dade County is seriously considering going back to the paper ballot. If this should happen several other counties throughout the nation will follow suit. I would love to hear a prominant Democrat just come out and say the truth "THE LAST TWO ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN...NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS".Yes Social Security is a major issue and the Iraq misadventure is also at the forefront but once you start to question the sanctity of the vote you start to question the existence of democracy.

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