Monday, March 21, 2005

Resistence IS Growing.....little by little

In the March 2, 2005 entry entitled "The Appearance Of A Spine" I mentioned that the Democrats were starting to show a little backbone. I said that it was really no big thing but that I hoped we would see more of it. Well, apparently we are seeing a little more of it. Kudos, to the Democrats who stood up against the Bush cuts, setting the stage for a possible statemate since both houses of Congress must jointly decide how our tax dollars are to be spent. Duane Peterson of True Majority wrote to all those who called their representatives in Congress or wrote letters of protest via True Majority "During the recent budget call-in day you spoke out against President Bush’s proposed cuts to the Medicaid program -- cuts that would have denied healthcare to low income Americans. Last week the Senate threw those cuts out, in a strong rebuke of the President’s healthcare budget. And last week in the House, 43 Congressmembers stood up and voted against pouring $80 billion more into the occupation of Iraq until we have a clear plan for leaving. " The mainstream media as expected barely mentioned this event instead we are bombarded with Scott Peterson (no relation), Michael Jackson and major league baseball players who allegedly used steroids. Millions of people around the world protested the Iraq War (25,000 in San Francisco, 20,000 in Los Angeles, 100,000 in London, and even though tens of thousands marched in New York City, the New York Times told us about the approximately 325 who marched from Garvey Park.) This illustrates the importance of blogging to get the truth out. Unfortunately the majority of our representatives in Congress will only act in our behalf if there is pressure. It is incumbent upon on us the write them frequently to commend them when they make the correct steps to protect the rights of their constituents and criticize them when they fail to do so. With the war going south and the country on the whole not really impressed with King George The W's Social Security plans things are starting to look a little better for the Democrats.

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