Friday, March 04, 2005

New Jerseyans Give Bush and his SS plan the cold shoulder.

George W. Bush found hundreds of people demonstrating against his Social Security plan at the armory in Westfield, New Jersey on the morning of March 4, 2005. Mr. Bush comes to New Jersey after another lukewarm reception in Ohio, where he found a 2/3 empty audience. Back then he was actually preaching to the party faithful: Republican Bush supporters, most of whom were conspicuously absent (as previously reported on this site). Many elderly people were spotted in the crowd, some with huge signs, one of which said "If you want to gamble Mr. President, go to Atlantic City."
1.3 million New Jersey residents were recipients of Social Security benefits in December of 2002, including almost 936,000 retired workers and 131,000 widows and widowers. 15.8 percent of the states's total population are Social Security beneficiaries, which more than likely explains the tepid reaction of New Jerseyans to Bush's plan of private Social Security accounts. Americans
United to Protect Social Security and New Jersey Citizen Action and a broad
coalition of activist organizations have formed a mass movement at the urging of congressional Democrats to soundly defeat Bush's proposals.

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