Friday, March 11, 2005

The GOP: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Blacks BEWARE!

Just over 10 percent of the African-American population voted for George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential election, which means 90 percent voted against him. Ten percent is a small number, but it is an improvement over the 9 percent who voted for him in 2000. Now when you factor in the accusations of voter supression the black vote for Bush was more than likely even
smaller than what had been reported. We continue to hear the call for "new" black leadership, and there are several books like "Scam" that slam leaders like Jessie Jackson and Kwesi Mfume. The most recent edition of Ebony magazine has an article on "The Call for New Black Leadership" Isn't it strange that the state that had the highest number of Black votes was Ohio, where Bush garnered a whopping 16% of the black vote, which is coincidentally the state with the highest number of complaints of foul play. The GOP is aggressively fighting to become a presence in the black community, which it has done absolutely
NOTHING for. When one takes into account the tremendous sums of money that they have at
their disposal it is possible to convince the people most victimized by their polices that they are
their allies. We also must factor in the news sources that are available to the black community.
We have a choice between the ouvert pro-Bush network (Fox) and the covert Bush networks, like; ABC(The American Bushcasting Company,(NBC) The National Bushcasting Company,(CBS) The Columbia Bushcasting System and of course (CNN) The Conservative News Network. And if that isn't enough Clear Channel owns over 80 percent of all radio stations including those that target black audiences. Black employees have been fired on these stations because they opposed the Iraq War. BET is likely to change from Black Entertainment Television to Bush Entertainment television since it is no longer black owned an operated it is now owned by Viacom, which is not likely to accept any criticism of King George the W.
ABC's "Like It is" is one of the longest running news programs in the New York City area.
You would never know it because it receives no promotion whatsoever. It is frequently pre-empted and the only reason that it has survived as long as it has is because of the fierce letter writing campaigns and demonstrations of New York City's African-American community. Gil Noble's program has become the place where people go to find the truth on issues like Iraq,
neo-colonialism and health-care. The program was cut from one hour to a half hour. In the place of the second half of "Like It Is" we have America's Black Forum where we can be exposed to the Bush Administration's Black mouthpiece, Armstrong Williams who sings the praises of pro-life politics, smaller government and other issues of non-relevance to the masses of black people in the United States. This is the same Armstrong Williams who was bribed to take $240,000.00 dollars to promote the underfunded "No Child Left Behind" which continues to leave children behind. America's black community can not afford to be fooled.
I am one who takes great pride in the current crop of African-American legislators, Conyers, of Michigan, Tubbs, of Ohio, Lee, of California and others too numerous to mention
who continue to fight the good fight. If Malcolm and Martin were alive today I am sure that they
would have nothing but praise for such honorable individuals like Cynthia McKinney who had an
election "stolen" from her but managed to fight back and re-gain her seat in Congress. She was also one of the first to question Bush's motives for going into Iraq. Maxine Waters, who continues to confront Colin Powell and others about the U.S. role in the coup in Haiti. Now more than ever these people need our support. Don't be fooled into believing that Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Ward Connerly, Armstrong Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Lynn Swann or J. Kenneth Blackwell represent your interests. Speaking of not being fooled, young African-Americans across the United States are NOT enlisting in the armed forces, especially the marines. Enlistment is way down to 13.9%. I am sure that many young African-Americans have seen the segment from Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 which shows the deceptive and aggressive recruitment techniques aimed at minorities. Before the illegal and unnecessary Iraq War the armed forces were seen as a place where you can learn a trade, see the world, save money for school. Now it is seen as a place you can lose your life for a war that you don't believe in. It is not a case of not defending your country. If the war were justified black Americans like I am sure many other Americans would fight to defend their country, but this is obviously a resource grab that will only benefit the already wealthy oil barons.
The bottom line is that all US citizens, especially those of color must watch the actions of this very crafty administration carefully trained in the Karl Rove school of deception. If you are not careful they will make you believe that you should pay more taxes and that the rich should pay less. They will make you believe that you should pay twice as much as you are now paying for prescription medicine. They will make you believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They will make you believe that Social Security is bankrupt and that bankrupcy is only something that should apply to the major corporations. Black America ...Don't accept the lie, just because the liar looks like you!

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