Monday, March 07, 2005

Cause For Celebration....The Demise of the DLC

The "raison d'etre" of this blog is to diminish the influence of the Democratic Leadership Council on the Democratic Party. At a time of so much bad news I was ecstatic to find out that the DLC is on it's way out. This is the best thing to happen to the Democrats since Howard Dean became party leader. The DLC has come out with its "Top 100 "New" Democrats" since 2003. This year the organization wasn't able to come up with 100, so it claimed that Barak Obama(D-Ill) was their "new" Democrat, but Obama denies any association with this group whatsoever. Ari Berman writes in his The Nation article that Obama said "Neither my staff nor I have had any direct contact with anybody at the DLC since I began this campaign a year ago," Obama wrote. "I don't know who nominated me for the DLC list of 100 rising stars, nor did I expend any effort to be included on the list.... I certainly did not view such inclusion as an endorsement on my part of the DLC platform." After realizing that his name appeared in the DLC's database, Obama asked to have it removed. The message was clear: The DLC needed Obama a lot more than Obama needed the DLC."
I am happy to see the DLC fall for many reasons, one of which was their campaign to aggressively pursue the white male vote to the detriment of alienating the most faithful Democratic voting block. DLC democrats had nothing or next to nothing to say about the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004. This opened the door for the Republicans to repeat their mantra to blacks and other minorities "The Democrats Are Taking You For Granted" to which I have consistently replied "That may be true but what have you ever done for us?" besides conspire to take away our vote, affirmative action and now Social Security?
With the "apparent" demise of the DLC ( and I say "apparent" because it is capable of resurfacing) this blog will now concentrate on
convincing black churches to be wary of President Bush's Church based initiatives, bringing our troops home from Iraq and keeping Social Security just the way it is.

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