Thursday, February 24, 2005

Stop This Ad Before It Starts: Stop Dishonest, Bigoted Attacks: Sign The Petition

The attack on senior citizens by the Bush administration and his conservative followers is relentless. They are not taking into consideration that the will of senior citizens and those who support them is also relentless. The time has come to confront the Swift Boat Liars who smeared Kerry and are now attempting to do the same to Senior citizen organization AARP. This site urges all those who oppose President Bush's attack on Social Security to sign this petition of DemocracyForAmerica, at It is wonderful to see that President Bush's Fix Social Security tour hit a roadblock in Ohio with 2/3 empty seats. This should give the entire country proof of where most Americans stand on this issue. Democracy For America says "Stop USA Next".

The right-wing fringe has declared war on Social Security -- and this week they launched their newest attack. This ridiculous ad is the latest from USA Next, a front group for radical conservatives who want to dismantle Social Security.
You won't be surprised to hear who they hired to publicize their efforts: the same team of hatchet men that ran the swift boat smear campaign against John Kerry. Now they are targeting the AARP, a group that millions of seniors rely on to defend their interests.
We must stop these people … now.
This petition will be delivered to every TV station that aired the false claims of the swift boat crew -- and any station that tries to air ads like these now.

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