Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Project For A New American Century

New Jersey Poet Laureate Amiri Baraka's poem about 9/11 caused quite a stir in the garden state. I have always considered him a major talent of great influence in the African-American community. In his poem he said that what happened to the World Trade Center was planned. Several friends asked me what I thought of Baraka's statement. At the time I neither agreed nor disagreed. I only said that he should provide proof. Now after reading about the shadow government and the Project For A New American Century, Mr. Baraka's theories don't seem far fetched at all. Several foreign intelligence operatives repeatedly warned the U.S. and their warnings were ignored. Planes are never permitted to fly at low altitudes in the heart of New York City..........unless they have government clearance. Tales abound about how Ariel Sharon was told not to come to New York on 9/11 and how former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown was also warned. Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cheney and other so called "chickenhawks" had a vision that started during the Reagan years. This was the Project For A New American Century....a plan for Empire, which would start with Iraq and then lead to Iran, Syria and eventually to world domination. Besides Iraq we have already seen evidence of U.S. aggression with the toppling of the democratically elected Haitian president John Bertrand Aristide. Threats have also been made towards Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Cuba. George Bush frequently uses words like "Freedom" and "Liberty" and flagwavers eat it up like ice cream on a hot day. I am asking questions and hoping that more people in the U.S. will also ask questions, write their Congressperson to seek answers......while we can.

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