Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mainstream Media Mum on "Gannon/Guckert"

The mainstream media continues to be very tight-lipped about the Gannon/Guckert scandal, while at the same time the story is all over alternative blogs(including this one). The most recent allegations are that there is a connection between James D. Guckert(a.k.a. Jeff Gannon) and suspect Republican dirty tricks operative Karl Rove. The two apparently went to the same school together. The other breaking story is that Guckert also played a role in the defeat of Tom Daschle in South Dakota. During the time Bill Clinton was president you could not watch any mainstream newscast without seeing the latest revelations about Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater. These two topics saturated the headlines of the major newspapers. We were also inundated with stories about the services Clinton adviser Dick Morris requested from prostitutes. Well as time went on we found out after a tremendous waste of time and taxpaper dollars all of the claims against the Clintons in Whitewater were baseless. Kenneth Starr exposed what should have been considered a personal matter between then President Clinton and his wife. Morris' actions may have been unconventional but they didn't warrant national exposure. The accusations against the Clintons pale in constrast to what we are seeing in the Bush administration....... 1) The president defies tradition by forcing Congress to give him the right to declare war without congressional approval 2) The president gets the nation involved in a costly war under false pretenses(weapons of mass destruction), leading to the deaths of close to 2,000 US soldiers and over 10,000 wounded US soldiers. 3) The President forces all CIA, and other intelligence operatives who do not agree with his initiatives to quit or retire 4) The president takes money from Social Security for his tax cuts for the rich and then claims that Social Security needs to be "fixed" 5) The Bush administration claims that Saddam Heussein arranged to purchase yellowcake uranium in Niger, when this is rebuked administration operatives out this agent's wife. These actions should all be headline stories, they are not....why? It is because we have a press that is either greatly intimidated or bought lock, stock and barrel. The greatest hypocrisy of all thusfar(because there may be more). Is the James D. Guckert/Jeff Gannon affair. The Bush administration is so "righteous". They are right up there in the forefront of fighting homosexuality by preventing same sex unions, yet they see no hypocrisy in letting a gay bashing homosexual prostitute ask softball questions during presidential press conferences. We now know that the news organization that Gannon represents(Talon News.com) came into being AFTER Gannon had already participated in several Presidential press conferences. To this point the Bush adminstration has said absolutely nothing and the mainstream media that hounded Clinton so vigorously has said little. Unless the people start acting we are on our way to becoming what George Orwell wrote about in "1984" a police state with no viable accountability to the people.

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