Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fight Bush Budget NOW....Sign The Petition

Jesse Birney posted what I believe to be a very accurate assessment of the infamous Bush budget in his article "Bush's Deficit Disaster" He writes "The proposed 2006 federal budget President Bush released yesterday would drive America deeper into debt while making cuts that will hurt veterans, farmers, and other working Americans.
Bush's budget leaves out the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, currently running at $5 billion per month. It leaves out the cost of his Social Security privatization scheme and makes other unrealistic assumptions and ignores costs in an attempt to paint the rosiest picture possible. But his budget does nothing to decrease the deficit.
Despite Bush's failure to rein in the deficit, his budget still includes cuts to programs that will hurt Americans who need the most help. Areas Bush wants to cut include:
Veterans' health benefits (forcing veterans to pay more for health care)
College loans
Education programs that help poor children
Farm subsidies
Community development grants
Bush's allies in Congress are already expressing their opposition to the cuts in his budget. One Wall Street economist called the numbers "not credible," saying they "haven't been for the last few years and they shouldn't be looked at with much seriousness now." Opponents of this inhumane budget must put their rage in action. Such action could ultimately lead to a March On Washington. You can start my signing a petition to let the president-select know how you feel . Sign our petition today and tell President Bush to take his budget back to the drawing board. America needs a responsible budget that meets our priorities while making serious reductions in the deficit. At this rate the quality of life of our grandchildren will be greatly diminished. Northeastern states like New York and New Jersey send the most money to Washington and get the least back. Upward Bound and Veterans Upward Bound would be completely eliminated. The only way to prove that we still have a viable democracy is to see huge numbers of people protesting the budget to such an extent that politicians on both sides of the aisle would feel threatened by the common man and woman. The initial step would be to hold the media to the fire, by pressuring it to cease to be the tool of the right. This could be done by refusing to patronize sponsors who vigorously support the war in Iraq as well as this odious budget. Make your voice heard.

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