Monday, February 07, 2005

Congratulations to Howard Dean

Howard Dean has made a miraculous comeback to become the leader of The Democratic Party. In my opinion this is the best thing to happen to the Democrats in a long time. With Donnie Fowler and Tim Rohmer dropping out of the race Howard Dean is the last man standing. It is my sincere hope that Dean will encourage movement towards the core values of the Democratic Party, the party of Roosevelt. This is the first step towards freeing the party of the Democratic Leadership Council members who are more like Republicans in their thinking and actions. Just like the Republicans have forcefully gone after those who don't whole heartedly endorse their party platform (like what was done to Arlen Specter) a similar move should be enacted by Democrats against those who tell their constituents one thing, but vote with Bush. With a solid grassroots movement the party will not need to get money from corporate influenced Democrats. Those who don't endorse core Democratic principals should be replaced in primaries by Democrats who do endorse core Democratic principals like the protection of Social Security (just the way it is) and a timetable for an early withdrawal from Iraq. The Progressive and soon to be dominant wing of the Democratic party was forced to compromise on this issue. The situation has deteriorated and has led to massive loss of life without any tangible gains. I believe Howard Dean will represent an end to losing elections provided he makes an issue of voter suppression, which to this point most Democrats are wary to admit the last two elections were frauds. Hopefully Dean can lead the Democrats and the country in another direction.

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