Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another Lost Opportunity For Democrats

One more time the congressional Democrats lost a golden opportunity to motivate its base by refusing to philibuster the nomination of Alberto Gonzalez, the man alleged to be one of the architects of the torture policy in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Yet another example of a collective lack of intestinal fortitude that brings a smile to the faces of Republicans and has many Democrats scratching their heads. Mr. Gonzalez is even more of an embarrassment to the Bush administration than his predecessor, John Ashcroft (who has the dubious distinction of losing an election to a dead man). It is believed that at least 40 of the 44 House Democrats will vote against the Alberto Gonzalez nomination. A time consuming philibuster would have attracted mainstream media attention that the right wing leaning networks would be forced to cover, but once again the Democrats chose to do otherwise. This is happening at a time when Howard Dean seems to be closer to becoming the leader of the party. The situation has become so acute that right-wing columnist Robert Novak wrote about it the Chicago Sun-Times. He mentioned the fears of the fat cat democrats who have made big donations to the party who would refuse to give anymore contributions if Howard Dean is chosen party leader. The grass roots support for Dean continues to grow. If progressive organizations like can raise money like they did in the presidential campaign the progressive democrats would have a shot at party control. It could mean an end to the negative influence of the Democratic Leadership Council because the progressive wing could pump funds into the campaigns of true Democrats who compete against DINOs(Democrats In Name Only).
In New York City there are signs posted on buildings that say "Bush Lied to us and Kerry turned his back on us" The people who share those sentiments within the Democratic party are the ones who must be motivated to action. The
failure to philibuster by the House Democrats only leaves them in a state of bewilderment.

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