Sunday, February 20, 2005

Alan Keyes.....................?????????

Over the years there have been quite a few black Republicans that I respected even though politically we may have been miles apart. I always got the feeling that their perspective towards the black Democrat (or independent) was "You do what you can on your side and I'll do what I can on my side..... but the objective is to do what we can to improve the lot of black people specifically and the nation as a whole" I think of people like Edward Brooke, Jackie Robinson, Ella Fitzgerald and Lionel Hampton(who became so outraged with the direction the Republican party was taking during his later years that he left it altogether). Today's crop of African-American Republicans anger me as soon as they open their mouths. It is blatantly obvious to me that these people are concerned about themselves and others who are in their income bracket or higher. I wince at the mere sight of J. Kenneth Blackwell, Condoleezza Rice, Armstrong Williams, Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas, but the one who takes the cake has to be Alan Keyes, who seems to go out of his way to embarrass himself. I recall a few years ago seeing Mr. Keyes articulate his conservative idealogy on just about everything from abortion to affirmative action. The next day I turn on the television and the first thing I see is Mr. Keyes, the only black man in sight in handcuffs outside what appeared to be the Republican Convention. All I could do was laugh, but it really wasn't funny. The next thing I know is that there is a wave of new conservative pundits saturating the airwaves. At a time when Phil Donahue was the highest rated talk show host on MSNBC, he was fired because this cable organization wanted "balance" and it was also concerned about Phil Donahue being "against" the Iraq war. Well, Alan Keyes appears on cable, I am not sure if it was with MSNBC, CNN or one of the others. What I am sure about is that he didn't last at all, it must have been less than three weeks. When Hilary Clinton (from Arkansas) decided to run for the soon to be vacated senate seat in New York. Alan Keyes calls her a "carpetbagger". Then later I find that Alan Keyes(who is from Maryland) is going to run for the Illinois Senate seat and I wonder, does this man know the meaning of the word hypocrisy? But it doesn't end there. Alan Keyes criticizes Vice President Richard Cheney's daughter. He calls her a "hedonist" because she is a lesbian. It turns out that HIS OWN DAUGHTER, Maya Keyes is a gay 19 year old. Keyes throws her out of his house, refuses to pay her colleges expenses and threatens to never speak to her again. This act angers and saddens me at the same time. Why would a father want to subject his daughter to world-wide scrutiny and condemnation? Mr. Keyes doesn't realize that his daughter (who in spite of everything still loves him) did not ask to come into this world. He was responsible for bringing her here and has the responsibility of nurturing her until she reaches adulthood. I can understand his being opposed to that particular lifestyle but she is still HIS daughter. Conservatives are so quick to talk about "family values". Alan Keyes is as bad as Newt Gingrich who abandoned his wife while she was suffering with cancer. Keyes, Gingrich, Livingston are but just a few of the so called "moral" Republicans who really aren't.

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