Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Who is responsible for this calamity....Bush or US citizens?

Lie #1 - Saddam Heussein made a deal in Niger to make huge bombs. Lie #2 There are weapons of mass destruction; Donald Rumsfeld knows EXACTLY where they are? and now Lie #3.......There is something fundamentally wrong with Social Security, that must be fixed. Unless you are living somewhere under a know that the author of these lies is none other than the President of The United States Of America. As the US death toll steadily approaches the 1300 mark, the president still enjoys a free ride in the press. Bill Clinton was practically run out of town for one lie, which really didn't affect the country. Bush's lies lead to death. Bush champions TORT reform because he doesn't want his buddies to be sued.....even if they are wrong. Social Security is fine; experts say that it could be solvent until 2053. Bush wants to take money from Social Security so that he can have more money for a war based (based on a lie) that has no end. To make matters worse there are rumblings that indicate a possible invasion of Syria. The U.S. is not winning in Iraq, which was basically a defenseless nation. A war with Syria at this time would definitely be suicidal. On his way to becoming the first second term president with less than 50% popularity. I just can't understand why this president hasn't been challenged. If you tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it. We have seen this with the Swiftboat Liars and it seems to be a vital part of present Republican party. Will future generations villify Mr. Bush or the people of the country who allowed him to drive it into the ground? Time will tell.

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