Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Stage Is Set For Confrontation: DLC vs. The Progressive Majority

The battle has already begun for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. On one side we have the Democratic Leadership Council, a group that really is "Bush Lite". Like their Republican counterparts they seem to hide behind the flag, support the war and give support to Bush policies. This is the group that wants to attract southern white males even if it means losing the party base. They have a suprising number of politicians who really should change to the Republican Party. One name that immediately comes to mind fitting this description is Joe Lieberman. On the other side you have the spirited progressive wing of the Democratic Party, emboldened by the fundraising success of the, which is joined by the Center For American Progress, People For The American Way, and The Progressive Majority which are just a few of the online Progressive entities that are having an ever increasing influence on the party. This faction seems to prefer Howard Dean to replace Terry McAuliffe as party leader. Eileen McNamara of the Boston Globe points to a recent Howard Dean statement that one might attribute to Edward Kennedy ''The Democratic Party will not win elections or build a lasting majority solely by changing its rhetoric, nor will we win by adopting the other side's positions. . . . 'Values' has lately become a code word for appeasement of the right-wing fringe. But when political calculations make us soften our opposition to bigotry or sign on to policies that add to the burden of ordinary Americans, we have abandoned our true values." The primary issue that should be addressed by all Democrats is what can be done to guarantee the sanctity of the voting process in a country that is so eager to promote itself as the world's bastion of Democracy. It is more likely that the progressive wing of the party would make this an issue but it still must be acknowledged that Senator Barbara Boxer stood alone as the sole Democrat who questioned the 2000 and especially the 2004 presidential elections.

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