Thursday, January 27, 2005

Paul Newman vs. Joe Lieberman?

The buzz on liberal talk radio is that Paul Newman is considering a run against Joe Lieberman for the senate seat in Connecticut. Paul Newman, who looks very good for a man who is in his 80's would be a formidable challenger to Lieberman, a DLC senator. Lieberman has a fairly good voting record on the issues that matter to those on the left, but at the same time he appears to be quite willing to appease the Republicans. His support of Condoleezza Rice, who did not fullfil her responsibilites during 9/11 and who has been accused of lying to Congress on more than one occasion is an insult to the Democratic party. At a time when this administration continues to gouge the treasury and usurp funds earmarked for vital social concerns like Pell grants, Medicare and Social Security Joe Lieberman continues to promote bi-partisan cooperation when the other party says "my way or the highway" Paul Newman would give Democrats a fresh alternative that would be much closer to true democratic ideals without pandering to the opposition.

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