Friday, January 21, 2005

Howard Dean Takes Early Lead

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean has taken an early lead in polls in his quest to become leader of the Democratic Party. It can not be understated that we are in the initial stages of the campaign but it is always better to be ahead than behind. Howard Dean has stated that he has unanimous support from the Florida delegation to the DNC as well as the support of the Democratic chairs of Utah, Mississippi, Washington state, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont. This may well be a battle for the soul of the Democratic party between the DINOs(Democrats In Name Only), which include the corporation backed DLC(Democratic Leadership Council) and the party base (progressives, labor, liberals). Dean's adversaries will be none other than Simon Rosenberg (leader of so-called "centrist" New Democratic Network), Wellington Webb (The only African-American candidate who was once mayor of Denver, Colorado), Martin Frost(a successful fund-raiser of over $80 million dollars for the party). Dean Fowler( who proclaims Howard Dean can't get 50% Democratic support.....but this could be just wishful thinking.) In any event Dean's detractors are going to say he will pull the party too far to the left while Dean's supporters will say that the DLC element tries too hard to imitate Republicans, a theme that has been echoed by Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy. This writer is vehemently anti-DLC, in fact it is the sole reason why I have this blog. After the theft of two consecutive Presidential elections I would like to see a Democratic with the guts to say that these elections were stolen, there is nothing seriously wrong with Social Security and that the war in Iraq was totally unnecessary and that TORT reform is just protection for corporations from the wrongs they have committed against ordinary people. At this time Howard Dean seems to be the closest to this, but it is still very early. I do know that if a DLC candidate does win it will be the first time that I will sit out an election.

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