Thursday, January 27, 2005

For The Record

In the final analysis of the 85-13 Condoleeza Rice Secretary of State confirmation one would conclude that she IS the choice of both major political parties since most Democratic senators prefer to turn a blind eye to Ms. Rice's shortcomings, nevertheless I feel those twelve Democrats and one independent who vigorously opposed her nomination should be praised for their desire to let the nation know the truth about their new Secretary of State from an arrogant administration that considers itself above the law. Senators Boxer(Cal), Akaka(Haw), Bayh(Ind), Kennedy(Mass), Kerry(Mass), Levin(Mich), Dayton(Minn), Lautenberg(NJ), Reed(RI), Jeffords(I-Vt), Byrd(WVa), Harkin(Ia) and Durbin(Ill) constitute a small, yet influencial cadre that may grow after future elections (provided the elections are not tarnished by voter suppression tactics).

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