Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Fight To Save Social Security Heats Up

The following is an urgent message to all moveOn members: WE NEED TO ACT ! Manny Dear MoveOn member, "Over the objections of many> of its own employees, the Social Security Administration is gearing up> for a major effort to publicize the financial problems of Social> Security and to convince the public that [privatized] accounts are> needed as part of any solution." (The New York Times, 1/16/2005) More> than 300,000 of us have now signed MoveOn's petition to Congress to save> Social Security. But the White House is upping its efforts -- the New> York Times disclosed on Sunday that it is using the Social Security> Administration to mislead the American public and sell Social Security> privatization. Documents obtained by The New York Times show that Bush's> plan is to insert "propaganda" into Social Security publications --> using the apparatus of this huge government agency -- and the trust> millions place in it -- to sell their privatization scheme that would> cut Social Security benefits. We need your help to make it clear that> the Social Security Administration is not another propaganda tool of the> White House. Please take one minute to send a message. Call the Social> Security Administration at the number below. Tell them you oppose Social> Security privatization and you expect them to deliver straight facts --> not White House spin -- to the American people. Call: 1-800-772-1213> After the greeting, dial 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Then press 3.> Then press 0 to speak to a representative. After you make your call> click on the link below to let us know.>> 5059-5286396-ougidGIEkuN6lOiYot5fRA This isn't the first time government> agencies have been used to deceive like this. The Times notes that, "The> Bush administration ran afoul of a ban on 'covert propaganda' when it> used tax money to promote the new Medicare drug benefit and to publicize> the dangers of drug abuse by young people. The administration> acknowledged paying a conservative commentator, Armstrong Williams, to> promote its No Child Left Behind education policy. But on Social> Security, unlike those issues, the government has not concealed its> role." We need your voice on this issue. We can't let them get away with> this. Thanks for all you do. --Tom Matzzie January 18th, 2005> P.S. Please make your call and then ask your friends, family and> colleagues to get involved. The best way they can help right away is to> sign our Petition to Save Social Security at the link below.> P.P.S. Here are some links to> useful resources Social Security Administration is Enlisted to Push Its> Own Revision (The New York Times, January 16, 2005)> (Registration> Required) Social Security: Playing Politics (Center for American> Progress, January 18, 2005)

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