Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bush Administration Minus Two Powells

In my breif conversations with conservative Republicans I find that they are always eager to point out to me that the Bush Administration is color blind. As points of reference they mention Ron Paige, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. They also remind me that the Sr. Bush appointed only the second African-American Supreme Court Justice in history, the "honorable" Clarence Thomas, as if for some reason this was supposed to make me happy or proud. Of all the Supreme Court justices this is the one who says the least and writes the fewest opinions. He seems to go along with whatever Anton Scalia says. I am not saying that I have disdain for all Black Republicans because I don't; I believe that the person should be judged by his or her actions and not necessarily his or her party affiliations (and this includes members of the DLC). The late Jackie Robinson continues to be one of my all time heroes and he was a Black Republican. In the early years of the first George W. Bush adminstration I thought Colin Powell would be another Jackie Robinson. He had assumed the role of the "conscience" of the Bush Administration who often had differences of opinion with the more hawkish elements of the Bush team. Here was a man of humble beginnings who became one of highest ranked officers of the United States armed forces. He could have become the first Black President. Unfortunately my opinion of him began to change when I found out that he played a major role in the massacre of over 3,000 Panamanians (many of whom were Black). Then came the straw that broke the camel's back..........Colin Powell lied in front of the United Nations General Assembly using fuzzy videos, maps and charts he professed he had irrefutable proof of weapons of mass destruction. He even used an old term paper of a California student(grammatical errors and all) to propagate George W. Bush's lie. This was the straw that broke the camels back. Michael Powell became just a much of a disappointment to me as his father. During his reign over the FCC he fought to change the rules in favor of the big corporations. Clear Channel reached near monopoly status. Robert McChesney, author of the best-selling "Rich Media, Poor Democracy" wrote .....""Michael Powell will not be missed by those of us concerned about creating a more democratic media system. His tenure was marked by some of the lowest moments in the history of the FCC — most notably the disastrous decision in June 2003 to further loosen media ownership rules. Powell’s record has been one of avoiding the public he was meant to serve. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the few public hearings he attended, yet he made countless appearances before industry groups and trade associations" So I told my Conservative Republican acquaintences that as an African-American I am not impressed in the least by Condoleezza Rice, even though I do respect her very high level of education; she embarrassed herself during the hearings for Secretary of State when she implied that Senator Barbara Boxer was casting doubt on her integrity, when all the Senator was doing was using Ms. Rice's own words. Ron Paige called the teacher's union "terrorists" and I happen to be a teacher. I don't believe that any of the so called shining star black Republicans have a sizable contituency yet for some reason they are all highly visible on television. I will not even mention Armstrong Williams and Alan Keyes, their records speak volumes. Overall I am not impressed.

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