Thursday, January 06, 2005

And now the "real" battle begins..........

A "few "courageous Senate Democrats agreed to an investigation of the questionable 2004 presidential election of George W. Bush, forcing a debate on widespread allegations of voter suppression in Ohio. Although this move will not change the outcome of the election it will force the media to cover these allegations of foul play, which to this point they seem to be very reluctant to do.
Similar intiatives were made in the 2000 election where voter suppression was an issue in Florida, but unlike the 2000 election this time a few Democrats stood up and let it be known that it appeared to them that George W. Bush's Ohio victory was fraudulent
1) Ohio Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell refused to accept
ballots that were not printed on a particular bond of paper.
2) Mr. Blackwell permitted over 34,000 Republican Poll Workers
to intimidate voters in minority districts causing them to wait
several hours to vote.
3) One Ohio county with a substantial number of minorities
closed polls because of a bogus 9-11 type emergency.
4) Mr. Blackwell (like former Florida Secretary of State Katherine
Harris) showed a contemptuous conflict of interest by being
head of the Bush re-election campaign in his state and at the
same time claiming to be "unbiased" as overseer of the election
process in his state.
5) Triad and Diebold corporations produced voting machines
without paper trails. At a time when you can go to any ATM
and get a receipt for your deposit or withdrawal you can not
get a receipt that confirms that you voted for the candidate ofd
your choice.
These are just five of the reasons Rep.John Conyers, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others want answers. Because of today's vote we may be able to find answers. Although I see this as a very positive step I am weary of the fact that the number of Democratic senators who want an inquiry is still very small. If the House of Representives is forced to make George W Bush president it can be said that George W. Bush was NEVER chosen by the people and that maybe he doesn't have the "political capital" that he frequently boasted about.
Unfortunately for the progressive Democrat it is disheartening to see
John Kerry throw in the towel so quickly like his predecessor Al Gore. As
a progressive Democrat I have an intense dislike for Robert Novak, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay et al. , but at least I can say that these individuals are committed to their cause. I see the Republican party as aggressive and outspoken like HANNITY and I see the Democratic party (especially the DLC contingent) as compliant and soft like colmes. I know that there are thousands, perhaps millions of Democratic voters who believed in the last two Democratic candidates, gave of their precious time and energy to support them and in the end find that they just "wimped out" The heart and soul of the Democratic party will be tested within the next two years. Those brave but few who stood up to the Bush machine may well determine the direction of the party and the nation.

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