Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Anti DLC Coalition

This site is committed to diminishing the unjust influence of the Democratic Leadership Council on the Democratic Party. Democrats like Republicans should appeal to their base. The DLC
continues to be passive compromisers. Democrats have suffered through two consecutive illegal
elections, of which the DLC has said NOTHING but a tepid "We will start all over again, and learn from our mistakes" True Democrats find this type of talk disgusting. Before we do battle with the Republicans there must be housecleaning in the Democratic Party. Those of the DLC just don't understand that when the public is given the opportunity to choose between the real
Republican and the wanna-be Republicrat it will choose the real Republican. The time to prepare for two thousand eight is NOW by showing support for Howard Dean as party leader, or any other progressive democrat who realizes that there is no problem with Social Security, that there never were any weapons of mass destruction and that the pharmaceuticals and oil companies have taken us for a ride. The goal of this site is to create a progressive network dedicated to giving power to the people and not to the greedy multi-nationals and their surrogates in Congress.