Thursday, December 30, 2004

Alternative Media: A Viable Option

Perhaps the most important lesson learned in 2004 by those who are NOT on the right is that we cannot trust the media. Although successful campaigns were waged against the media giants, preventing them from controlling 45% of television audiences. We saw that Michael Powell was more than compliant in helping these giants achieve their goals. Clear Channel controls radio , with over 2,000 stations and one Clear Channel station actually firing an employee for opposing the Iraq War. Rupert Murdock, ultra right-wing media mogul of Fox
News and The New York Post expanded his empire. Reese Schonfeld, co-founder of CNN and international cable network developer writes:
"One of the most significant media stories was Rupert Murdoch's acquisition of DirecTV. Now he automatically has distribution for any network he wants to launch nationwide. None of the other major media companies are national. It gives him the freedom to launch anything he wants to launch."Now he's got the power, and Rupert knows how to use the power. If he wants to replace CNN International with Sky News, he can. He is the first major cable network provider to have access to a nationwide audience. It may make EchoStar [another national satellite cable provider] the most valuable company in the next year, and it wouldn't surprise me if someone like Sony or Viacom or NBC started looking at this."
In spite of these negative developments from the perspective of he or she who is center-left, 2004 did have it's success stories too. Sinclair broadcasting was not able to air its anti-Kerry message in its entirety. Air-America, a center-left national media outlet that got off to a somewhat rocky start is now thriving with 41 new stations. Two of their radio personalities Al Franklin and Randi Rhodes have developed a massive following. Pacifica Radio Station WBAI in New York City experienced a huge increase in listenership in the New York Metropolitan Area during the Presidential campaign primarily because of skepticism of mainstream media coverage. can correct a misconception by Rush Limbaugh or Shawn Hannity practically the same day that they say it. The big battle for 2005 should be the "fairness"(or lack of fairness) of the 2004 Presidential elections. Republican Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell refuses to answer questions and has even sought legal protection. NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC to my knowledge have not mentioned this, nor have they mentioned the progress of the ongoing investigations of John Conyers and Jessie Jackson. What we on the left have learned is that mass media cannot be trusted to give both sides of an issue. As a result alternative media is THE option for 2005 and beyond.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

God Bless Cynthia McKinney

Georgia's Cynthia McKinney returns to Congress after her seat was taken from her by Republicans who voted in a Democratic primary. Most politicians would have given up after
losing an election in such an underhanded manner. Fortunately Ms. McKinney is not like most
politicians. She was among the first bring to the public eye questionable practices in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can still remember the day when in her left hand she had a bright yellow explosive and in her right hand she had a bright yellow food container. She asked the public how could they distinguish between the two, then she asked how could we expect people from Afghanistan to do the same? Both of these items we dropped in Afghanistan at around the same time.
The right wing reactionary forces are already planning to remove Ms. McKinney from office for a second time and just like the first time we can expect no help from the Democratic Leadership Council members, so it is up to the majority of the Democratic party as well as other progressives to vigorously support Ms. McKinney politically and financially. The right-wingers have already created an anti-McKinney website: This website should be monitored if for nothing else than to let us know what the ultra-conservative extremists are planning. As they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
To find out how you can help write:

Cynthia McKinney for Congress
41-50 Snap Fingerwoods Drive
Suite 204
Decateur, Georgia 30035

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Who(or What) Is The DLC?

If you are asking yourself this question I suggest that you read John Nichols article in The Progressive "Who's Behind The DLC?"

Anti DLC Coalition

This site is committed to diminishing the unjust influence of the Democratic Leadership Council on the Democratic Party. Democrats like Republicans should appeal to their base. The DLC
continues to be passive compromisers. Democrats have suffered through two consecutive illegal
elections, of which the DLC has said NOTHING but a tepid "We will start all over again, and learn from our mistakes" True Democrats find this type of talk disgusting. Before we do battle with the Republicans there must be housecleaning in the Democratic Party. Those of the DLC just don't understand that when the public is given the opportunity to choose between the real
Republican and the wanna-be Republicrat it will choose the real Republican. The time to prepare for two thousand eight is NOW by showing support for Howard Dean as party leader, or any other progressive democrat who realizes that there is no problem with Social Security, that there never were any weapons of mass destruction and that the pharmaceuticals and oil companies have taken us for a ride. The goal of this site is to create a progressive network dedicated to giving power to the people and not to the greedy multi-nationals and their surrogates in Congress.